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I5-3570 & Gtx750Ti... Anybody Got One?

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#1 Gator the angry pimp


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Posted 03 February 2019 - 03:39 AM

Found a killer deal on a quad core i5-3570@3.4ghz with gtx750ti,120gb solid state had, yadi yadi yadi. Not sure exactly which gtx750ti but I would think such a popular gpu would have plenty or pilots who could give some input. Current rig is an fm1 socket and 3870k or 3670k@3.1ghz OC'd, 1gb gtx960(me thinks?...) 8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram. Very old and obsolete. Barely holds 27fps when shtf and very inconsistent, plus my user.cfg makes the game look so Butch.....no fun. All I want me is some mwo in 1080 res at a consistent 40-60fps at dare I say high graphics? Is this real or am I having another pipe dream? Thank yall

#2 Tarl Cabot


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Posted 03 February 2019 - 06:12 AM

Just prefacing this, with that deal you still would not be able to play 40-60FPS on high settings, esp when shtf. Now low/med settings without a heavily modified user.cfg might be possible, just not sure about the gtx 750 ti.

Are you sure the current GPU is a gtx960 on your AMD system? As that is the newer GPU by approx a year and would come in a 2gig or 4gig memory. The gtx 750ti has a 1-2 gigs memory. Between the two the 960, if it is that, would be the better card.

The I5-3570 though should be an improvement, not just in clock speed. FPS will still drop when shtf but you shouldn't have to utilize a heavily modified user.cfg.

Generate and post a dxdiag of your current system, posting from the beginning to the sound card.

On the deal, what is its form factor? I had purchased an office machine w/i5-3570 w/8gig, SFF to see what would work. Took a bit to locate a SFF GTX 1050 2gig but all together approx $225 for everything. Gave it to my brother-in-law and it was more than enough for what he was using it for, before I did though I installed and played MWO on it. I was not disappointed.

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