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A Good Time To Look At Minimum Ranges?

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Posted 11 February 2019 - 05:04 PM

A lot gets tossed around on this topic, especially when it comes to missile systems. The "hard limit" of no damage, compared to the increasing difficulty to hit found in tabletop BT, just isn't satisfying. The latter would be difficult to simulate in an online shooter, however.

Some suggestions have been made to implement a "hot loading" mechanic, eliminating the minimum range on a per-volley basis. Such a mechanic would probably be fairly complex to implement, and not warranted for such a limited use on one weapon system.

Those things considered, plus the lack of minimum ranges on light autocannons and gauss rifles, would it be reasonable to add minimum range reductions as skill tree nodes?

I'm not sure how much reduction would be considered OP, if any. But let's say 1/3 is a good limit, 3 nodes could be added straight down from Range 14, Heat Gen10, and Cooldown 16, each giving 11% Minimum Range Reduction to all Weapons which have minimum Ranges. These locations would require a fair bit of investment, and a trade-off with other Skill Tree abilities.

Assuming up to 50% reduction is reasonable, each node would offer 10%, and 2 more could be added below Cooldown 10 and 11. I'm not sure I would want to see the minimums eliminated entirely, but being able to reduce them might encourage some players to "close the gap" a bit. It would also add an element of risk closing with mechs not knowing where their damage potential drops off.

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