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1St Bloodsmoot Sit Rep

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Posted 02 March 2019 - 06:11 PM

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After a long day of intense fighting in the northern plains of Tukkayid the sun has set upon the 1st RKA Bloodsmoot.

With nearly 40 combatants, 9 matches and a whole lot of destroyed 'mechs the tournament to prove each newly formed Companies combat readiness was a stunning success.

Unfortunately, the Free Rasalhague Republic, having been reduced to like 4 planets, doesn't really have a lot of surplus resources and the loss of over 120 'Mechs (exceeding 150 million c-bills) has eclipsed the entire GDP of the FRR rump state by over 350%; meaning this vanity tournament has left us in utter financial ruin (Not to mention our front line defenses will now be severely undermanned as all our auxiliary mechs have been spent or destroyed).

But, still, beyond those small complications, stunning success!

Our participating companies all performed admirably and brought glory and honor to the Republic:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Today the 1st Sand-Riders were victorious.

Followed up by the 2nd Place 1st Trollguard and finally the 3rd Place 3rd Trollguard.

For any who missed the games be sure to check out the link here:


This was only the first of many trials and bloodsmoots to prepare our new companies, stayed tuned for more.

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