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Royal Kungs Armé : Bloodsmoot Tournament 2Nd Wave

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#1 Jarl Dane


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Posted 10 March 2019 - 02:28 PM

The Bloodsmoot.
Bleed for the Old Gods, fight for the new dawn. Earn glory and renown beneath the eyes of your Jarl and Kinsmen. The Bloodsmoot banner has been raised and its legendary blood-thirst demands satisfaction.

Sign-ups end: Sunday March 30th.
Tournament date: Saturday, April 13th at 3pm EST (21:00 CEST)
Prizes: To be announced...

Highlights from previous Bloodsmoot:

After a successful First Bloodsmoot we will be holding another to continue honing our warriors and building our RKA companies. All loyalist FRR units, RKA allied units and FRR loyalist pilots may join us. The RKA Command was pleased by both the martial and social progress of the previous Bloodsmoot and believes future ones will only help spur our pilots to greater heights.


Bloodsmoot Pilots will be placed into one of four RKA Companies using their Jarl's List Match Score rating to create 5 man teams that are relatively even. When possible unit members will be placed in separate lances.

SINGLE ELIMINATION BRACKET: To be posted after sign-ups end.

TEAM SIZES: Companies will be divided into 5-man groups who will make up the teams for the tournament.

TEAM COMPOSITION: 2 heavies and 3 mediums.
The RKA, though a formidable fighting force, is low on funds and resources due to the loss of 97% of all their worlds. Due to these shortages the RKA can only afford to field Heavy and Medium mechs to the participants.

NO LOCK-ON WEAPONS: Lock-on weapons are Lostech. Or, at least, we lost them, for this tournament.
The skills and relationships we are trying to build do not necessitate the use of lock-on weapons.

DROP RULES: We shall be fighting in the swampy forests of Tukkayid's Southern Continent, far from any civilian outposts or settlements.

Best two out of three:
- Drop 1 and 2 will be Domination on Old Forest Colony with teams swapping spawns.
- Drop 3 will be Conquest on Old Forest Colony
All drops set to 10 minutes, no 3rd Person.

RKA-Approved Mechs Only: Due to a limited number of available mechs, on account of us mostly be taken over by the Clans, we only have RKA surplus mechs available for use in this tournament. Only the following mechs are the ones currently available:

Available Mediums:
ASN-21, ASN-23, VL-5T, CDA-2A, PXH-2, HBK-4P, HBK-4H, CRB-27, CRB-27b, UZL-6P, BSW-P1, BSW-P2, BSW-HR, WVR-6K, GRF-2N, GRF-1E

Available Heavies:

Note: Former Bloodsmoot contestants will remain within the Company they were previously assigned, however a few special cases might require some Company Transfers to ensure everything is as fair as possible.

Posted Image
CO: Ormstarr the Splitter
XO: Samuli Salonen

On the distant rim-world of Outpost the survivors of the Great North insurgency were forced to fight for their lives in a generational gladiatorial arena. The corrupt Kurita governors maintained the arena throughout their occupation and the newly instated Rasalhaguian ones kept it running secretly to line their pockets. One side effect of the Clan Invasion was an end to the endless arena, with a few chosen champions being made Bondsmen. Not willing to trade one form of slavery and subservience for another these champions broke out and with their stolen mechs formed the core of what would one day be the Blood Eagles.

They recruit the damned, forgotten, abused and mistreated. They fight to protect those who can not protect themselves and they fight to prove to those who once lorded over them that they are greater than their so-called masters.

Bloody, savage and ruthlessly loyal to the idea of a Free Rasalhague Republic.

Posted Image
CO: B l a k e t o w n
XO: Grayson Collins

When the the regular forces of the Rasalhague KungsArme were destroyed in the Clan Invasion, the remaining survivors had to look for aid in unlikely places. Hailing from a dark periphery world the Trollfolk are a mysterious and savage folk. Legends say they are misshapen and monstrous. Perhaps the cast off failures of clan elemental eugenic projects, perhaps the radiated survivors of some forgotten colony. Either way, they keep their looks a closely-held secret and go all places armored to the very eyes.

Originally a pirate force preying on the fringes of Inner Sphere Civilizations, their hodge-podge company responded to a distress call from a terrified little girl on a world being purged by fanatic Smoke Jaguar forces. Whatever piratical resolve the Trollfolk had that day was broken by what they saw and what did they when they arrived on that world. Since then they have always answered the call of the Free Rasalhague Republic and have added in new Republic pilots to shore up their numbers. Fast becoming a dependable and regular unit of the faction.

Posted Image
CO: Coyote_
XO: Isengaest "The Crimson Corpse"

In the wake of the Clan Invasion most regular FRR forces were crushed. With their meches destroyed, pilots enslaved, and commands eradicated - everyone assumed they were all utterly lost. And yet, some few survived. Left for dead and stuck behind enemy lines without supplies or hope these forgotten warriors began fighting mad small-scale guerrilla campaigns against the occupation garrisons and began to, miraculously, link up with other all-but-dead survivors. Written off for good, these heroes called themselves the Doom-Draugr, the undead monsters of Norse lore, and terrorized clan garrisons on a dozen worlds.

Against all odds these walking-dead Doom-Draugr were not only able to survive for sometime, but during a lull in the fighting, were able to break out of Clan controlled space and made their way back to the remnants of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

After being given a heroes welcome the Doom-Draugr were given a regular command in the reforming RKA and have become a beacon for pilots with nothing left to lose.

Posted Image
CO: Tarogato
XO: tbd...

As best anyone can tell the strange history of the Sand-Riders begins with the crushing defeat of the1st Skallevoll People's Armored Regiment during the invasion and fall of Skallevoll. Somewhere, in the glacial black sands of that worlds frigid region a handful of resistance fighters held on. Living in sturdy turf halls and piloting nothing more advanced then their small Skallevoll Horses (apparent descendants of Icelandic Horses from Terra), these die-hard warriors kept up the offensive against the Clan occupation forces. Or, at least that's how the legend goes.

No one really believes that a small group of horseborne rustic glacial folk really could maintain any level of defiance against the Clanners, and yet there were strange reports from Skallevoll of constant breakdowns, explainable missing equipment and strange sightings of cloaked figured on horseback in the untraceable unfriendly glaciers.

Fleeting hallucinations, perhaps. Either way, the Sand-Riders who arrived on Tukkyid in answer to the Jarl's call were no dream. Flesh and bone, though a little stoic, a little quiet and a lot of fierce.


If you are interested in participating, sign up below or let me know on Discord!

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#2 Robertson Taylor


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Posted 10 March 2019 - 02:37 PM

I am going to remember to put this in my calendar this time...

#3 Darkstrand


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 03:15 AM

Sign me up.

I expect there to be adequate compensation should I be be shot in the cockpit.

#4 Zephrym


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 08:40 AM

Count me in.

#5 BoldricKent


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 09:22 AM

I need to improve....so im in.

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#6 Puggs Hunter 187


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 02:06 PM

PUGGSHUNTER is all in for bloodmoot 2 an bloodeagles are ready for the rematch for 3rd place maybe even take 1st place this time

#7 Wafthrudnir


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 02:56 PM

Hi, I'd like to be in as well please, thanks.

#8 Lusankya


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Posted 13 March 2019 - 03:09 PM

Count me in.

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