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Friends List Needs Fine Tuning

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 05:10 AM

So I was feeling adventurous and thought I'd try to use some of the extra features now built into the friends list.. and it definitely needs some programming love..

Clicking on the faction tab is nice because it sorts your friends list by CLAN or IS pilots.. this is great for setting up a faction play group.. but it ends up being useless because it doesn't also show those pilots that are online. Totally useless unless we can sort for BOTH faction AND for who's online.


Sorting by the favourites tab is completely useless.. clicking on it just randomizes my friends list and does not show my favourites up top.. again, this function should sort for favourites AND for who's online. Instead of 'sorting' by favourites.. there should be a favourites group at the top (similiar to the 'blocked' tab) that JUST shows your favourites.


The message tab.. not sure what that's for.. it starts to act erratically when you press it more than once or twice..


Please remove the requirement to click OK every time you invite someone to your group.. a pop up window that lasts maybe 1 second would suffice.. or even a quick 'boop' sound effect.. anything to reduce the amount of clicking..

The only usable sort is the 'last online' which thank God properly sorts for those currently online. Every other tab is just for show and are utterly useless.. I doubt anyone uses them..

Just thought I'd mention these little quality of life issues in case you were interested in improving it for us..

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