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Mackie: A Story

Mackie Solaris Riots Fan-Fiction

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 07:06 AM

A story I made, about one of my favorite 'Mechs, the [color=#000000]Mackie![/color]

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Jakub’s Heavy Equipment, Kobe
Solaris City, Solaris VII
Freedom Theater, Lyran Alliance
15 August 3062
Jakub Rettuvisk grabbed the soldering kit, and got to work on the wires below the dash. He´d had it with aftermarket wiring kits, ones that claimed ¨Military Quality¨ but turned out to be Capellan junk.
A while back, he had bought a ´Mech of his own; rather, the wreckage of one, and decided to work on restoring the thing to its original state. The machine was a hundred tonner called a Mackie, model MSK-9H, an antique by all means.
Compared to anything else seen in the battlefields of the Inner Sphere, the Mackie was only seen in museums, and rarely so. Jakub bought it from a scrapyard, the unlucky scrapper not knowing what it was, and being eager to sell it to make room for other things. When he got it, the machine lacked it’s weapons, reactor, and a significant portion of the command couch, not to mention most of the armor.
He’d had to scavenge boneyards and depots alike for parts for the machine, not to mention making new ones, but now, it was almost complete. All it needed was a complete dashboard display and…
Done! He soldered the final wire into the board, and shut the panel gently. The machine´s controls should, by now, be completely operational, and he set himself in the cockpit seat. He initiated the start-up sequence, and looked to the dash.
The panel lit to life! The toggles and myriad buttons flickered on, and the hum of the reactor vibrated the cockpit gently. Now, all he needed to do was link his brain-wave pattern to the machine, and get the machine in gear.
Picking up the neurohelmet, he sighed shortly. This helmet was from his time in the FedCom armed forces, as a MechWarrior himself. He’d spent his entire life savings on this machine, and now, the helmet was all he had left of his old life.
He put the helmet on his head, and hooked it up to the system. The computer began to scan his mind for his pattern, and in moments, it was synced.
“Soldier, state your name, and authenticate voice recognition.” The computer chirped.
Beaming with pride at his risen creation, “Jakub Rettuvisk. Voice Recognition, The Password is Password.” Jakub chuckled a little bit. With modern technology, it was always possible to fake a voice recognition program. A tidbit from the original MechWarrior, however, was very hard to find.
The machine’s controls linked, and now, Jakub had full control of the ‘Mech. He moved the controls, ancient and primitive by modern standards, but the best possible for the Mackie. The guns began to power up, and they raised to the ready position.
Taking a single step forward, the Mackie lurched, the gyro stabilizing the machine with the step. Jakub was teeming with pride and satisfaction, all the while.
Thumbing a button on a small remote control, the shop’s doors opened with a groan, and now, it was time to put the machine to the test.

The Solaris VII riots near the Black Hills were in full swing by the time Jakub stepped outside of the shop.
FedCom and Lyran ‘Mechs duked it out in the city streets, riots ran rampant. Even the top-dog MechWarriors took this as a chance to single out rivals. This would be the perfect environment to test out his ‘Mech’s weapons and armor. Having not chose a side yet with the rampaging ‘forces’, either he would lay low, or try to make it to the FedCom side.
The Mackie was making good speed, reaching it’s top speed relatively quickly for it’s age. On a bank to his right, some crooks were pointing at a massive painted-on bull’s eye with spotlights, and Jakub, in his enlightened state, decided to try out his guns on the building.
The Particle Projector cannon let loose a coruscating bolt of blue energy, and struck the building like a hammer. The walls caved in easily, the ferrocrete and steel supports collapsing inwards.
“Bull’s Eye!” Jakub yelled out in the cockpit. C-Bills and precious items poured out everywhere from the great hole in the wall, and not even a minute later, rioters and civilians alike were pouring over the ruins like mice on cheese.
Jakub let out a chuckle. They were on his side, considering they let him find a nice spot to test out the PPC.
The Mackie lumbered on, stomping on the wreckages of not too few automobiles on the way. The city was in turmoil, but it wasn’t like Jakub could do much to stop it. All he had was a single BattleMech, not exactly big stuff in Solaris VII.
Barely a few minutes later, Jakub saw his first glimpses of the ‘Mech battles going on about the city. Two Capellan ‘Mechs, a Cataphract and a Phoenix Hawk, were cornering a lone FedCom Marauder.
Jakub began to lumber forward with his ‘Mech, aiming for the back end of the Cataphract. It had the Capellan Confederation’s sigil on its back and front, and Jakub aimed straight for the center of the ‘Mech. He thumbed the trigger.
Heavy autocannon rounds pierced the thin plating on the back end of the ‘Mech with ease, ravaging the interior of the machine. The targeting computer wasn’t even installed yet, but Jakub had no need for it at this range. The PPC’s plowed into the infernal engine of the machine, doing damage to the gyroscope on the way.
From such a savage assault, the Cataphract went limp, crashing over into a building head-first. The pilot either was dead, dying, or brutally maimed. There was no way it was going to get back up.
The autocannon ammunition began to cook off shortly after the crash, the explosion savaging the side torso. The explosion shook the ground below his own machine, but Jakub held it firm.
The Phoenix Hawk came into view, retreating from fighting the Marauder to assist it’s ally. The pilot must have realized how futile it’s help would be, considering the ‘Warrior turned about into a street to run off. So much for Capellan Honor.
His radio picked up. “So I take it you’re not a Capellan, then, Mackie?” The voice was undoubtedly feminine, and Jakub took a moment to find the button for the radio.
“No, Ma’am. Just decided to test out my weapons on this fine day. Considering I saved you, mind telling me where I could link up with the FedCom forces?”
He could almost hear the smirk in her voice from the radio. “Well, follow me, and I’ll see to it that you can help us kill some more of those guys.”

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