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Hibernal Rift

Terrible Map Needs to be removed Or modded

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Posted 31 May 2019 - 12:12 PM

First off, I know that this isn't the official Hibernal Rift thread. I looked for it, couldn't find it, so I have decided to hijack this thread until a mod decides to move it because this entire region is empty. u

First off, let me say that this map is absolutely atrocious in every possible way. Heavy mechs without jumpjets get immediately bottled in and cannot advance to capture the objective, especially on the clan side of the map. The hills are too steep to climb, there are hardly any egress points, and if the enemy team has a mobile advantage, the match is typically over in three minutes. I couldn't even get out of my spawn before I got jumped by 8 enemy mechs.

The rest of my team was in the same boat, frantically derping around, trying to find a way out, while the enemy simply rushed in and kiled us before we could even rally, because there was nowhere TO rally.

Even worse is the fact that if you fall off the ledge when you're trying to hold the center, you might as well just eject, because there's no way you'll be able to rejoin your team in time to make any sort of difference.

The fact that the map is so small makes these problems even worse. Contact is immediate, there is no time to come up with any basic strategy, and every match is a comedy of errors watching the most powerful mechs in the game struggle with basic movement, because there's nowhere to navigate.
If you want to keep this map in the rotation, please, for the love of God, make onramps that heavier mechs can access so they can join the fray immediately instead of being forced to circumnavigate the entire map.

This map sucks in every POSSIBLE way.

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