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Group Queue And The Ready Button

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Posted 30 June 2019 - 03:17 PM

when you join a group CLOSE THE GROUP TAB!
you may ready up and fight now, and if you do this you will not need to re ready up.
if you group up and ready up under fight now you may now fiddle with your dropdecks whilst you search, or you may chat or whatever.
there is no need for 11x players to wait for the last who is afk w_nking themselves and the whole team around and probably the enemy team as well.

*for those of you who are not stuck in OCE hours you need to understand that games are hard to get as the population thins out and you best figure this out now or you will get about as many invasion games as we do... ZERO in six hours!

1. join group
2. close group tab ffs
3. ready up.

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