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Polar Highlands Hell - How Do I Avoid Lrms?

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#21 MOBAjobg


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Posted 14 November 2019 - 06:10 PM

If your mech does not have ECM, AMS, speed at least 80 kph or minimum 3 nodes of radar deprivation, then polar Highlands map can be a nightmare to play.

It would help lots to be in close proximity with a mech that equips both AMS and ECM.

#22 MitchellAvellar


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Posted 28 November 2019 - 08:06 PM

As an LRM'er extraordinaire who routinely racks up 1200+ damage and wipes out half the enemy team on that map in my trusty Nova Cat, i would say, there are about 2 ways you can hope to avoid my wrath :)

1. Figure out where the LRM'ers are and keep that tower in the middle that almost always becomes the focal point of the map between you and the LRM boats. That thing ticks me off to no end and has the added benefit of causing me to waste ammo if i'm not careful.
2. Stay low in the trenches and be patient. Never, under any circumstances, poke your head above the snow line, not even for a second. Wait for someone to throw up a UAV before you even think about it. Most times, as someone else mentioned, the thing turns in to a slow Nascar around that radar tower. One of the biggest ways i rack up the kills is to sit back toward the back of my pack, just barely behind the assults but not so far back that i can be singled out by a light and slowly make my way around to the right of the pack until i can get LoS on one guy and unload 85 LRMs and a couple of ER mediums in to him then quickly drop back for a second while i reload, rinse, repeat. So stay away from the left (your left) side of the pack. Make sure you stay more in the middle of your pack or even toward the front of it if you can. My worst matches in there for me are when i never quite get on that right (for me) flank where i can decimate guys LoS and instead have to relay on spotting or UAV's and indirect fire. If i get two shots on you LoS, you are going down...indirect, it would take me double that at least.

So to summarize, patience and positioning and on that map more than any other, don't peek.

Oh, and one last thing, idk how many times i've seen people fight in that same spot even when the map isn't domination.....don't do that...lol. That spot is very very very good for LRM boats if they know what they are doing. If it isn't domination, try doing something like talking your team in to staying home and letting us come to you. That usually causes my damage to drop too in there because inevitably, my team sprawls out and by the time i get there with the heat, we've lost 2 or 3 guys and it's harder for me to play the back-of-the-line boat tactic as well. I usually end up singled out by some light and am unable to dish anywhere near my normal (for that map) damage output.

#23 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 28 November 2019 - 09:11 PM

IMO you can peek, but you have to do it quickly.
Locks take time to acquire and if you can peek and return to cover before the missile lock completes your safe.

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#24 dwwolf


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Posted 08 December 2019 - 11:39 AM

View PostWild_Alaskan, on 25 July 2019 - 10:46 AM, said:

If you don't have it already, I'd strongly suggest putting some skill points into Radar Deprivation. That way when you move out of LOS, those LRM boats will instantly lose their lock on you.

60% is just about the minimum IMHO.

#25 Renzor the Red


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Posted 13 December 2019 - 01:48 PM

View PostLeft Overs, on 24 July 2019 - 08:52 PM, said:

On other maps I hide behind a wall. But the trenches in PH don't offer cover. I have seen some (flippant) remarks on positioning better - that stops working when they send a light to spot. I have tried running, dodging, everything I can think of. Most times I can get away, but after I take a lot of damage. I avoid poking over the ridge. But, someone gets a lock on me anyway.

Currently I play a HMN w/out AMS.

I even learned how to LRM, a bit from videos, and tried that... I'm not good with LRMs. I see what others are supposed to do - so I know what they are doing to me. I just don't know how to avoid it.

This issue, more than anything else, made me choose to play a HBR with EMC. Though that didn't work until I bought the EMC skills too.

Any help would be appreciated.

Put at least 60% into Radar dep and don't stand out in the open. When missiles are coming in, if you're out of line of sight, watch them fly at you and side step out of the way. Then kill the enemy.

Whenever I start skilling up a brand new mech, I always put my first points into sensors first. Nearly all of them get 60% Radar dep down the left side including the one point of seismic. That costs 10 skill points. Depending on the mech, I might do 80%, and then there's ECM mechs that get more, of course.

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#26 Void Angel


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Posted 14 December 2019 - 03:03 AM

Never be that guy who complains about a weapon system or tool while simultaneously refusing to use the counters provided for it.

#27 Gilgamecc


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Posted 14 December 2019 - 07:49 AM

shoot them from beyond maximum missile range and you're all set

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