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Thoughts On The Movie Submarine Alert

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Posted 22 August 2019 - 08:08 AM

Submarine Alert 1943
Black and White WWII based movie

For the fans of old black and white movies, I came across a WW II styled spy mystery set in the backdrop of WW II. I'm going to have to give this one good marks for style, and for being able to hold your attention.

The movie begins with a sub sinking ships off the coast. It quickly moves to a group of spies going after an inventor (who gets ran over by a tractor soon after). As radio signals begin, the FBI tries to find the source of the transmissions. Individuals with acute knowledge of radios and electronics are soon fired, which is where the meat of this movie begins. One such radio man comes to the aid of a woman who comes under attack from a purse snatcher. The FBI soon catches a dock worker in communication with the spies, only he dies before he can tell them anything. After a shoot out between an FBI agent and German spies occurs. After a chase down a railway tunnel, the radio operator heads off to make a deal with the spies, only to turn on them. Escaping their clutches he uses a water wheel to break into their hideout, and then flees. Picked up by the woman he saved, they fall into a trap and are taken prisoner. Locked into a steam room it appears as if the pair are doomed when the radio operator creates an improvised transmitter and a young boy hears the emergency transmission. The enemy sub is soon sunk by a bomber, and the FBI arrives to save the trapped pair.

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