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Posted 03 October 2019 - 12:51 PM

I have a problem.
I thought 'GXP' meant "General Experience Points".
As it turned out, they should be "GSP" for "General Skill Points"

I noticed I had been getting 'GXP' for some achievements (my last 4, as I came to discover).
I thought they were something I'd need 800 of to gain a ("1") skill point on a mech's skill tree.

So, I accessed them am started loading them onto the skill tree of the mech I was piloting.
When the download stopped; I was surprised and somewhat frustrated, but decided to download as many as I could to another mech.
Again; the download stopped, so I went to a third mech and downloaded the rest.

When I returned to the first mech, I started trying to apply the 'GXP' to it and discovered EACH 'GXP' was actually a full skill point in the mech's skill tree.
I also discovered my mech was limited to only 91 skill points.
I found the same thing with the other two mechs I downloaded the 'GXP' to.

Now I have two mechs, each with 91 skill points used (their max).
One of those mechs has 148 unusable skill points
and the other mech has 147 unusable skill points.
(the third mech did not quite use the full 91 points).

I have to ask:
1) Can I somehow make these 'unusable skill points' usable by those two mechs?
2) If not, is there some way to make them available to my other mechs (I have a total of 16 mechs)?
3) If not either of those, are these skill points just wasted?

I would appreciate some info, since I have not yet been playing MWO a week.

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Posted 03 October 2019 - 03:49 PM

I am confused.. GXP and GSP are two distinct items and colors. GXP is used when purchasing a SP, which costs 800 GXP or XP or HXP and 45K C-bills

You could email support, though from other players who had made similar errors, PGI would not move the points back, such has when MWO new skill tree went live and the old skills were provided points as HSP (Historical Skill Points) , and there were 182 HSP due to having had 2 of the variant when the change over occurred, and a player moved most or all of the HSP to only one mech.

As for wasted, they are only wasted if you never, ever switched/change up skill nodes. I know on a few of my mechs, I have changed anywhere from 10 to 40 nodes (once a SP is used, it is gone).


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