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Make Solaris Great Again !

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#1 Humble Dexter


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Posted 23 October 2019 - 08:07 PM

1) Favor a non-exclusive but special day for Solaris (Saturday ?), like you did with this year's Comp Championship, to group up the Solaris players.

2) Allow players to queue up for all the divisions they have selected a valid Solaris mech for, at the same time : This would greatly reduce the amount of waiting, and also the vast amount of ridiculous elo matchups.

3) Require a minimum of 3 or 4 players queued up, to launch any 1v1 matches : This would again reduce the amount of ridiculous elo matchups that keep happening, when the ~dozen Solaris players are spread thin over 7 division queues, resulting in an average of 2 or less players queued up per division.

4) Change the Warhorn color already : 3 seasons of the same pink warhorns is 2 seasons too many. Feel free to diversify the color of the pink warhorns from the last two seasons too.

5) How about handing out random colored warnhorns instead of just one fixed color per Season, while also adding one new color per Season ? To keep the previous Solaris players coming back to randomly find out and try to win the new Season's color.

6) Hand out a Solaris Warhorn just for completing 25 matches in a division, with no ranking requirement and without having to wait for the end of the Solaris season to become able to equip it (in Solaris ? ).

7) Pay 1MC or more for each Solaris 1vs1win (2MC for each 2vs2 win), for the first 25 matches of each division ? That's an average of ~13 MC per Division for a total average so only ~91MC per Season for 1vs1 (~182MC for 2vs2), and a motivation for players to go play and go win every match they can, all season long.

8) Remove the "top 500 only" requirement for earning 65k GXP and 1M C-bills at the end of the season. So everyone knows they can make at least that much per Solaris Division just by playing 25 matches in them.

Less waiting time, more elo balanced fun, warhorn color diversity, a motivation to win each match and Season long incentives to keep playing until you reach at least 25 matches in each division you're playing, and still return to the next Season to unlock a new kind of prize...

Make Solaris Great Again !

Edited by Humble Dexter, 23 October 2019 - 09:25 PM.

#2 Kalimaster


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Posted 08 November 2019 - 11:37 AM

An easy way for Solaris is a real kicker. Some items, including additional armor, or weapons could be gained as bolt on's for each level you unlock.

For example. Machine gun bolt on's with individual ammo stores of say 100 rounds per gun unlocked when you have reached 2nd level in three separate divisions. etcs.

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