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Pgi: 2.5 Small Changes To Improve Faction Queue

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#1 Dionnsai


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Posted 11 January 2020 - 10:16 AM

#1. Stop Un-Readying pilots.

This is probably THE biggest gripe when queuing a faction group, if you fix NOTHING else, FIX THIS.

• 8 Pilots Group to play faction.
• Everyone Readys Up
• Group Leader Lauinches Queue
• Pilot #9 joins
• Cancel Queue
• Pilot #7 went to take a piss, so the whole group waits 2 minutes for him to return and re-ready and misses a match.

A note for Captain Obvious when he shows up: Yes we know that hitting the "back button" or Escape while queuing prevents this from happening, but it doesn't matter because no one does it, even when asked repeatedly. It's not obvious, everyone forgets and it only takes one guy to ruin it for everyone else.

#1a. Side note on above.
Why can't Pilot #9 just join the queue already in progress? Seems kinda dumb right?

#2. Allow "Favorite" pilots to join like unit members.
This should be a CHECKBOX option for a faction group and NOT default. A group leader should be able to allow or disallow favorites from his friend's list to join his group at any time.

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#2 Dionnsai


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Posted 20 January 2020 - 10:52 AM

Additional thoughts

#3. Game Types

• Remove scouting or add it back in as a separate mode.

• Always a minimum of 2 modes, except during siege phases. This is mainly to prevent 100% domination phases.

• Replace domination with conquest if you can't just remove it entirely.

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