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Mw5 Suggestions

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Posted 17 January 2020 - 02:59 PM

I'm sure there are lots threads on this kind of topic, but I don't tend to use the forums despite being a huge mechwarrior fanboy. So I can't be bothered to go scouring through to find another thread to tag my 5 cents to. However, I do need to get this off my chest, I apologise in advance.

I did play the boardgame, but barely remember it. I first fell in love with the franchise with MW2 mercenaries, then mw3 was good with a joystick and mw4 with the expansion packs was amazing. I completed it so many times! I used to go through phases of scouring the internet looking for any sign of a new game for weeks at a time between mw4 and mwo.

Then, we finally got MWO, and I have to say that I love it. The amount of detail and work that has gone into it to get it balanced and the gameplay so good and detailed, and then keep it balanced while mechs get steadily better with time is phenomenal. And the fact it has been running so long is a testament to the game itself. To date I think I must of played over 18000 games. I know there have been many, many issues with PGI, but overall I am very happy with the product.

Then along came MW5, the game we were all waiting for..... The gameplay is good, it plays a bit different from MWO, it's more detailed and more "analogue" in the way the mechs move. Obviously I was disappointing with the dumbed down loadout options in comparison to what we've got used to with MWO. But that is completely understandable. Overall its a thumbs up.

My issue with it, is the monotony of it. Every mission is pretty much the same. Destroy a few turrets, a few v-tol type flying things, destroy a few tanks, destroy a few mechs. And that's about it. Sure the map varies slightly in temps and layout, but they are all rocky landscapes with small isolated villages, towns or cities. As you get further in, you fight more mechs, and the mechs become heavier. Sometimes you destroy the town, sometimes you defend it. Sometimes you destroy some targets. And that really is about it. You get heavier and heavier with the mechs as you go, and you move slower. Not too much progression or variation there!

So, lets get to the point. Here are my suggestions:

1st: Get us more involved: Add a little video montage at the start of a mission of villagers pleading for help! Get your head more into it, feel like you have an objective worth achieving.

2nd: More variation in gameplay: Why not change it up a bit. Sometimes fight just a few very heavy/assault mechs, nothing else. Other times hardly fight any mechs, just light defences but be up against the clock. Vary the modes of play up more so it's not so monotonous and requires a bit of thought about your mech set-up before each game, instead of just trying to reach maximum tonnage every time

3rd: More variation in maps: Change the maps up more, play in the middle of a huge city (and nothing else), then play across a big lake, then in thick woodland. Other than a bit of temp difference and slightly different lay-outs, they are all basically the same. Throw in huge changes, more like MWO and then more than that again.

4th: Have access to more mechs for each mission: if you are going to vary the missions more, vary the required tonnage more. Make light and medium mechs worth having around. With time-trial missions, you will need lighter and faster mechs, so instead of having access to 12 mechs, make it 20 or 24 so you don't just have to increase tonnage, but also versatility - prevent boredom!

5th: Make it easier to sell unwanted mechs: As it is, its a nightmare. You need a full 12 good mechs to effectively complete the multi-mission objectives, but when you go to a market you can't sell your cold storage mechs!!!!! You have to sell/put into storage 1 or 2 perfectly good mechs, then transfer across 1 or 2 mechs at a time into your mechbays, then sell them. This is not fun, or a productive use of time.

6th: Win a battle by more than one means: Take the emphasis off tonnage a little bit. Create missions where you can try to stealth it to get to your target and take little damage but get little salvage, or go in flat out to win the fight and then complete the objective after you win the battle. More than one way to complete a mission will also add more interest

I'm sure there is tons more to add, and I'm sure these points have already been discussed. Please feel free to correct me, agree with me or add more. These are just my thoughts right now as I'm approaching level 11 missions and already really bored of the game. Which I hate to admit. I'm already finding myself going back to MWO frequently. I hope there will be more to come that may prove me wrong? But even if there is, its coming too late. It's already kind of lost me. But I will persist just so I can complete the game, I will drag myself through it. Please God let there be a Solaris to contend in! Just so there is something different to do. Please do add any comments or suggestions

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 11:04 AM

1) probably won't happen, but there are voice files of people claiming you're killing civilians, or that the other guys are, etc... combined with a mod to put people on the ground (the game has them but they're not used due to performance issues) that would help with that.
2)Some modders are working on this already. Myself once I get a weapon mod from alpha to beta, the first mission I'm going to create would be a start of adding in 'hero' / 'boss' encounters.
3) Modders want to do this, but currently how to do it with the biome generation isn't quite explained or figured out yet.
4) Not sure what to say here beyond the fact you have 4 mechbays on your ship and the magic 12 is already questionable. But there's a mod to remove tonnage limits out already https://www.nexusmod...enaries/mods/15
5) Someone's working on that.
6) That's a personal goal. At the moment missions are won by any of three means. Destroy target. Kill everything. Combination of those two.

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 03:26 AM

There is a lot of great text and flavor in the mission logs. If they provided some of that DURING the wait scenes, that would be pretty nice. Or other information during the wait scenes. That would help with the immersion you seek.

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