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Clan Expansion / Dlc Wishlist

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#1 Vellron2005


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Posted 23 January 2020 - 01:35 AM

So, I have a few hopes / dreams / ideas on where to go with a potential expansion for MW5:mercenaries.

Yes, we totally need a clan expansion.

Here are my ideas on this:

1) We need a story-heavy campaign.

2) We need to be able to play both IS and Clan side. This is nicely facilitated by the very story of MW5. You can be a merc, and then have some cataclysmic thing happen and become a clan bondsman. The "who's your daddy" part could be very useful here.. (I have a very cool specific idea in mind, and if you Devs are interested, PM me)

3) The story must not focus on the invasion itself, but the invasion has to be prominently featured.

4) We need to be part of massive battles. I'm talking "you bid your 5 mechs, we'll bid our four stars, and slug it out with the enemy while you do your thing".

5) Let us command a star, not a lance, while playing as clan bondsman (so control 5 mechs instead of 4)

6) Immerse us DEEPLY into Clan culture, way of life, and ritual Zelbrigen combat. Both the good and the bad sides of it.

7) Let us have plenty of clan-on-clan action as well.

8) Make sure there are a lot more campaign missions vs non-campaign missions.

9) Let us have a different clan-specific dropship. maybe a Union dropship.

10) Feature all the weapons and clan mechs in the proper timeline.

Bonus round:

Go wild and shock us for once - do a special mission featuring a unique 3 or 4 legged mech designed by PGI. You have an engine that has inverse kinetics and supports multi-legged mechs. Make the leap. Surprise us. Go wild.

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 02:27 AM

I think that some sort of a DLC will be focused on Clans. That's pretty much a given. What I really want is more varied missions and memorable campaign missions with neat level designs instead of "go there and destroy structure; wait till enemies arrive and kill them"

Just have a look at the Heavy Gear 2 campaign missions and single missions. I promise you that if you manage to make missions even half as good as the ones in Heavy Gear 2, MW5 will automatically turn out to be great.

#3 Nesutizale


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Posted 23 January 2020 - 05:27 AM

I support that and if its for the "go wild" part.

An idea that I had was to go back even further. Have a story around Aleksandr Kerensky, also you won't be playing him but be one of his unit.

Follow the path of the man from beeing one of the greatest Generals of the Starleague to beeing betrayed and send away to stop rebels and criminals in the Periphery to the Amaris Coupe into the Civil War and end it with the man withdrawing from the Inner Sphere, kinda broken, to create the Clans...with you haveing a choice to follow or stay behind. (Add DLC here Posted Image )
Lets be his adjutant or someone close to him. We get some insight to what has happend (I don't if one of the newer books covers this) to his thoughts.

As for the gameplay. We could see some units (Mechs, Tanks, etc.) that we have never seen before in any of the games and see some "old" mechs that we know today beeing introduced for the first time. Like the Atlas or Devestator.

Also lets have parts of the game take place on foot. Lets be a spy, lets go to a bar to find out the latest rumors. Have real scout missions on foot, within a tank, VTOL and Mechs.
Lets have big battles where you are part of an army with regiments faceing off each other.

Bring around the lore hammer and let people witness one of the most defining moments in Battletechs history, at least to me.
It was the fall of the Star League, the start of the Succession Wars and the point that started the creation of the Clans.

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