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Mw5 Editor Gravity Findings--Testing

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Posted 13 February 2020 - 03:30 PM

OK. I noted in my jumpjet analysis that gravity appears to be set wrong in the game. I loaded a default map with default gravity and used the Spider with 8JJ to jump to 76m. At that height once my mech ceases to travel upwards I should reach the ground in 2.78 seconds. Using a stopwatch I found in the editor on default that it takes around 4 seconds to reach the ground (gravity set around 5m/s2 not earths 9.8m/s2). If you go to world settings and change the gravity to -3500 (if you make it positive you continue to accelerate away from the earth, so - means down) it changes the time to around 2.7 seconds (close to 9.8m/s2). If you want to recreate this make sure you don't use the jump jet meter but rather when upward movement ceases--I hope 76 is accurate.

Once I made this change the fall speed felt much more like when I jump from a higher place in the real world and seemed more likely realistic--though shooting down flyers is less cinematic (slow motion). Go in the editor and test it out. It would be much harder than in the default game to be shot while jumping if this was true. Unfortunately I can't find a global gravity setting in the editor and suspect each map has its own gravity settings. That is problematic if you wanted to adjust this to make jump jets work more realistically.

I have already modded JJ settings and fall damage and a going to test them for horizontal speed next and then burn time to get true TT settings. However, if anyone finds a global gravity setting please let me know--I think that is the only way to make them useful in game.

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Posted 14 February 2020 - 08:45 PM

I found a better way to test this. The burn time is 3.5sec and their is a hang of acceleration slowing by gravity after burn. This takes about 0.5 sec. By adding the hang time burn time and descent time (from physics) it is easier to accurately judge total jump time. After repeating my testing with this method it appears in the editor a gravity setting of -4500 to -5000 is probably accurate for earth gravity.

If you wanted a map with different gravity you would multiply G by this value.
--Planet with 1.14g (Neptune) = 1.14*-5000 = -5700
--Planet with 0.38g (~Mars) = 0.4*-5000 = -1900
--Simulator gravity is ~5.0m/s2 or 0.51g = -2551 (so heavier than mars but lighter than earth.

It is fun to put these values in the simulator

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Posted 14 February 2020 - 09:27 PM

Further breakthrough in the editor. vi z (initial velocity) for JJ is the vertical velocity per JJ. At default it is 850. If I increase this setting to 10,000 my spider turns into a LAM and if I set it to 100 I am suddenly jumping in a FPS only a few feet off the ground. This confirms that the engine is using a typical coordinate system. Anything designated as z is vertical, and xy is horizontal. This is great news for making JJ like tabletop.

1. Set the burn time you want (I am setting mine to have 2 seconds to reach vertical target--80m spider)
2. Increase vi z to a higher value to increase the rapidity with which you reach the target height until harder to shoot, and adjust acceleration z curve to obtain goal height and xy curve for horizontal distance goal. You can even make vi (initial velocity) 0 and just adjust acceleration if you want (more realistic)
3. Increase gravity (not sure this is possible unless a find a global variable somewhere, PGI please help) to speed up descent
4. Decrease JJ regen time to make the above jump times limited to every 10-12 seconds.
5. Increase heat generation curves to give tabletop heat generation limits to excessive jumping

To test height spawn a commando model (TT 9m tall) and resize to your target altitude.
To test horizontal jump leap from the commando then use sights to find the distance covered.

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Posted 16 February 2020 - 08:54 AM

I think I found the file that contains gravity it is Engine C++ Classes-->Engine-->Class-->Gameframework-->DefaultPhysicsVolume however I am unclear how to open this file. If anyone has a suggestions please post. Otherwise I am going to have to edit my JJ files to accommodate the current default gravity and descent will still be really slow.

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