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Tabletop Weapon Values In Damage/heat Per Second (For Modding)

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Posted 23 February 2020 - 01:53 PM

Because there are a lot of weapon mods coming out wanted to give the TT values. It is derived by damage per round divided by 10 sec/round. In game defaults are Damage per shot/(cooldown+duration):

Small laser TT = 0.6/sec (Default 1.0/sec)
Medium laser TT = 1.0/sec (Default 1.0/sec)
Large laser TT = 1.6/sec (Default 1.54/sec)
PPC TT = 2.0/sec (Default 2.0/sec)

AC2 TT =0.4/sec (Default 2.0/sec)
AC5 TT = 1.0/sec (Default 2.5/sec)
AC10 TT = 2.0/sec (Default 3.33/sec)
AC20 TT= 4.0/sec (Default 4.17/sec)
Gauss TT= 3.0/sec (Default 2.5/sec)
MG TT = 0.4/sec (Default 1.5/sec)

Appears default damage is way to high for autocannons unless I did my match wrong. I think this is to make them useful in a game with minimal penalties for heat. If heat were more punishing then they would still have a use.

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Posted 23 February 2020 - 04:48 PM

For weapon heat conversion if you assume the tabletop 1st shutdown value of 14 is 100 in MW5 the ratio is 1:7.14. Then the following is true:

Small laser TT 0.71 heat/sec (Default 0.25/s)
Medium laser TT 2.14 heat/sec (Default 0.45/s)
Large laser TT 5.71 heat/sec (Default 1.15/s)
PPC TT 7.14 heat/sec (Default 1.60)

AC2 TT 0.71 heat/sec (Default 0.40/sec)
AC5 TT 0.71 heat/sec (Default 0.38/sec)
AC10 TT 2.14 heat/sec (Default 1.00/sec)
AC20 TT 5.00 heat/sec (Default 1.25/sec)
Gauss TT 0.71 heat/sec (Default 0.17/sec)

If you assume last shutdown in TT 30 is 100 in MW5 raio is 1:3.33 and then:

Small laser TT 0.33 heat/sec (Default 0.25/s)
Medium laser TT 1.00 heat/sec (Default 0.45/s)
Large laser TT 2.66 heat/sec (Default 1.15/s)
PPC TT 3.33 heat/sec (Default 1.60)

AC2 TT 0.33 heat/sec (Default 0.40/sec)
AC5 TT 0.33 heat/sec (Default 0.38/sec)
AC10 TT 1.00 heat/sec (Default 1.00/sec)
AC20 TT 2.33 heat/sec (Default 1.25/sec)
Gauss TT 0.33 heat/sec (Default 0.17/sec)

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Posted 23 February 2020 - 04:56 PM


Damage for lasers a PPC is about right at default and needs no changes
Damage for AC is too high for AC2-10 likely to make up for lack of heat benefits, AC20 is right and Gauss is too low, MG are also overpowered

I think from looking at modders who are adding heat effects 100 heat =14 for tabletop that means:

Heat for lasers and PPC are set to low by 3-4X
Heat for AC are set too low as well by only 2X (4X for AC20 and Gauss)

It would be interesting to modify the heat to match tabletop along with some of the new mods with TT heat rules and see what the AI would do. I do think AC could then have lower damage compensate by significant heat benefits. Like TT.

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