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Posted 02 April 2020 - 04:57 PM

beat the game, debated doing a few more drops but ultimately clicked the exit button in short order. got bored with all the game types back in early access. story left a lot to be desired. a few campaign missions were better but those were few and far between.

that mission where you fight the anihilator sucked, after a 40 minute walk to get four assault mechs to the end and then have to fight the only mech with decent ballistic spam with no ammo or armor (i used a mauler mx80 and ended up using the 2 lrm5s and my last remaining medium laser because of an ammo explosion 30 minutes in took out my ac2s). a repair bay should have been included at the halfway point and maybe put more mechs before that point to keep me from getting bored.

best mission was the last one, which is easy if you send your lance to the back and strategically leg mechs so they come up the ramp one at a time. felt kind of like an fp defence match, except the other mechs follow orders.

so wheres that dlc? clan teas and you cant show a dire wolf or something at the end. i assume this was because the plans for dlc were up in the air.

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