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Friday Night Fun With The Frr And Crabby Bs

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Posted 12 May 2020 - 04:58 PM

Welcome Mechwarriors,

The FRR and The Crabby Bs would like to invite all comers to a special private lobby match on Friday May 22 starting at 7PM CT.

We are planning on playing Escort. But not just the escort you knew and loved, this is our take on the mission. All are welcome to come and participate. This is intended to be just for fun only. Trash talking is ok, but the Game master reserves the right to boot anyone that seriously breeches standard codes of conduct. Just remember, this is a game its supposed to be fun.
Your mission should you choose to accept it is to successfully escort your human driven VIP mech from your Assault base to the Enemies Assault base. We will have a few moderators to act as game masters. They will ensure the rules are followed and will declare when the match is won and then post the results.

We are hoping to have enough players to run at least 1 12v12 lobby, the more the better.
The match rules are as follows:
- There will be an Escort team and an assassination team team. Each match will consist of 2 rounds. In between rounds the teams will switch roles, The Escort will become the the assassins, the assassins the Escort.
- The map type will be chosen at the leisure of the game master.
- The Game type will be Assault
- There is no time limit

Escort team rules:
- The Escort team will designate a volunteer to be the VIP
- The VIP will choose ANY 100 ton Mech he has in his stable.
-The VIP will paint that mech Kurita RED on all 3 color tiers
-There will be no other decorations on the Mech
- NO other mech on the Escort team may use Kurita Red in it's color scheme
- The VIP may take ANY path that is navigable to the enemy Assault base.
- Victory is declared as soon as VIP enters the base. A Capture count is NOT required.
- There is no tonnage limit
- There is no technology limit

Assassin team rules:
- 800 ton limit
- Kill the VIP
- End of rules.

Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/VNSuxy2

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