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Queue Still Broken?

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#1 Caedhin


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Posted 10 June 2020 - 06:56 PM

Is this still broken? I pressed the launch button when the number still said 3/9, and waited the time, looking at the numbers going up (no one cancelled as far as I can tell) until it suddenly became 3/12. Then 12/13 before the timer ran out. the rest were able to launch but my timer got reset. Honestly, what the ****?

#2 Brauer


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Posted 10 June 2020 - 08:34 PM

The queue works, you were skipped and the other 24 players got a match. It's unfortunate and is not uncommon. The most reliable way to get FW matches is probably to play in a 12 person group as larger groups get priority, but smaller groups and solos also work ok.

#3 J Libertine


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Posted 30 June 2020 - 10:58 AM

Worst que system in the world. This whole "any people in a group in the FP que gets priority over ANYONE at ANY TIME" is fuc-ing bull!

It happens all the time, like today after the server maintenance. Me and some other people join the FP que, and slowly it builds up to 12/12 on both sides with randoms. At 30s left til match initiation a 12-man stack joined our side of the que, took ALL the spots, and then proceeded to play against the 12 randoms.

In the game WE got after, which took a while THANK YOU PGI, we were up against like an 8-man stack of RJF and other good units. WE GOT TRASHED!'

How is this supposed to be a good que system or make people want to play? You end up wasting time for everyone. The 12-man stacks who seek I assume other good groups. The Randoms who gets put up against stacks. In the end no one enjoys themselves, and for me tonight for example I am just done with MWO. Que for ages to get bumped by a stack that joins the last seconds? To have them stomp our opponents, whilst we get to play against another stack??

Fix your s h i t t y system. Make groups ONLY prioritized in the que IF matched against another group - make Randoms always have priority against other Randoms! F this steaming pile of feces.

Another s h i t t y thing is I often get invites while queing - but can I see it? OH NO! Because somehow, when queing, all friggin notifications from friends list just disappear. You can't even interact with the interface. Real good work, PGI. 2020 and you can't even... what the....

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#4 B0oN


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Posted Yesterday, 05:00 AM

Thats the burden you have to carry when solo´ing in group land .

Hint : You ALWAYS get the short straw .

HowToFix ?
Group up .

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