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Podcast 204 - Mechwarrior Online's Future

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#141 Vellron2005


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Posted 17 October 2020 - 07:55 AM

View PostHeavy Money, on 06 October 2020 - 08:14 PM, said:

  • They want to revitalize MWO
  • There is no competition between MWO and MW5
  • The core problem is how to make MWO profitable again. In the past, it was based on releasing new mechs and relying on people to buy them. But now there are tons of mechs, and the problem is keeping the game engaging and regrow playerbase. Perhaps find new things for people to spend money on who already own lots of mechs.
  • They understand complaints about merging group and solo que, but say it had to be that way due to current population. They might consider stuff like reducing max premade group size.
  • An engine upgrade isn't really viable as it would take ~2 years and wouldn't necessarily solve the money problem.
  • They seemed short on ideas of what to actually do, but say they will talk to the community and that everything is on the table. They say they have talked about a lot of stuff in their meetings, but it will take time to survey the community.

1) MWO is beyond this. Too little too late.
2) Of course there is, people only have so much game time available. And they will play whatever brings most fun. Much of the player base will play without annoying wait times, constant stomps and salty pro-level players.
3) One word on this - MWO2. This is the way.
4) Also fixable by MWO2.
5) Again, MWO2, based on UE5 and MW5-like map making.
6) Messeage to the devs: Seriously guys.. MWO2 in UE5. Learn it, live it, love it!

#142 MW Waldorf Statler


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Posted 17 October 2020 - 11:42 AM

To many bad reputation to MWO and fails ...seeing waiting times in Fp (30 minutes for a ghost drop ) and without Jockeys and Horses and all Logistic Guys for it with only managers and Comm Managers you not can win a race

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Posted 17 October 2020 - 01:22 PM

I note that there's no current event going on, despite the flurry of words from the dark cabal running the game...

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Posted 18 October 2020 - 02:38 AM

the church is empty , the Priests long gone , only the Church leader and his Friends praying further

#145 mushis


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Posted 18 October 2020 - 06:30 AM


[color=#959595]You want money?[/color]

[color=#959595]Then consider this:[/color]

[color=#959595]- Make a starter pack for $20.[/color]
[color=#959595]- Include 8 good mechs in it (2 good mechs per class, clan and IS.).[/color]
[color=#959595]- Make sure 2 of those 8 mechs are hero mechs.[/color]
[color=#959595]- include enough GSP to instantly master 2 mechs[/color]
[color=#959595]- include a bunch of Cbills to fully deck 2 mechs[/color]
[color=#959595]- Include at least 10 colors covering a wide spectrum[/color]
[color=#959595]- include 2 camo patterns for the mechs in the pack.[/color]

this is a good idea.
but what the game lacks the most is engagement with players. it's a bummer that, after the battle there's no way to talk with your teammates. you just lose track, and its not practical to invite everyone to be your friend.

bet on the human side of the game. the community is better than most of the other games out there. take advantage of it. this won't solve the money problem. you can always set a patreon or something, with a monthly goal, to help paying the server costs. (this works, i know for a fact - people don't mind paying to keep having fun)

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#146 Garfuncle


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Posted 20 October 2020 - 10:46 AM

Either get to work on a new game or piss off and let better, more fiscally capable developers take a crack at it. This new game had better be a better mech sim then MW4. Melee, articulation, animation, destructibility.

Either **** or get off the pot.

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Posted 20 October 2020 - 03:39 PM

View Postmushis, on 18 October 2020 - 06:30 AM, said:

but what the game lacks the most is engagement with players. it's a bummer that, after the battle there's no way to talk with your teammates. you just lose track, and its not practical to invite everyone to be your friend.

Game has VOIP, problem is people don't use it. Honestly though, I don't use it either, I don't have microphone and at the same time I share my room so I don't want to disturb the other guy.

I could see having better and more concise response wheel working.

#148 General Solo


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Posted 21 October 2020 - 04:54 AM

I just posted something in another thread that I think is relevant to the future of the game

View PostOZHomerOZ, on 21 October 2020 - 04:00 AM, said:

Personally I like 4 v 4, however you and I may be in the minority.

Thing is Long. But its guid so you should totally read it, devs too.

TLDR: If you been reading my posts of late you can guess, aka MMing.....wait wait dont switch off, it a master piece, true, story....Here's the opening scroll....Once upoin a time in a G......

IMO they, the community despite whats said don't really want "open competitive"
And this is perfectly normal.......Strikes Back

Sports and MWO's history can give us an insight.


Lets look at the facts.

All the "open competitive" queues have fared the worst

For example in order of "open competitiveness" and by some free keen coincidence level of inactivity, go figure, just like sports

The list is.....drumroll..... Faction scouting 4v4, Solaris, Group queue , Faction queue.

All those queues are doing it tough because of the reason in the second sentence, IMO they community despite whats said don't really want "open competitive"
Same as in the sporting world, open class is the least popular, ie their are less of them open classes compared to other classes.

Maybe with functional matchmaking these queues would be less "openly competitive" and more level and thus more popular but like in sports world from local level to apex level.
Apex dont do Local and Local don't do Apex in sports, unless for charity or sumting.

I say this as facts show us.

People don't want open competitive that's why all the open competitive queues died and open classes are the least popular in the sporting world.
Have a think about it.

Now you may say but in the hey day of MWO we didn't have this problem.
I say rubbish as in the hey day we had not had a mech title in a decade.
A starving man will eat crap but once satiated will not put up with it, crap no moar.

Now you may say but low population.........

I say sports can help give idea's once more.

What sports?

Playground sports! They have low population but can still make fairly level teams.


Just like a playground game their are spots to fill on each team.

Choose two Captains, they will be seed/leader for each group. Use Highest PSR solo or groups for seed/Captain on each side.

Their are 12 spots to fill on each team.

The over all logic is that each Captain (Match maker) takes turns each selection round to pick up the next highest PSR teammate/group available.
This way both sides have a chance choosing the next best player/group available to ensure a level palying field.

How do you measure level playing field, I'd say PSR delta between teams untill someone comes up with something better.
Works in an Ideal a world.

With groups well they can throw the above scheme out of whack due to the large skill gap and thus PSR delta some groups can create.

So working with the first system which works under expected team PSR delta conditions, in unexpected team PSR delta conditions I propose:

If a group is seed of Team1, use highest PSR Group or solo to balance PSR total so delta is small.
Teams take turns selecting the next highest PSR pilot/group available.

But if PSR delta conditions RUNWAY and PSR delta is large and getting larger give the weaker team the next highest PSR pilot/group which ever is higher
and give the stronger team the weakest PSR pilot/group which ever is lower, from the selection pool that selection round.

Repeat until PSR delta between teams equalizes. That's a rough sketch start. Not the full flow chart .

Adding content to MWO to fix its problems is like an open class motor race between a ride lawn mover and NASCAR and a F1 car. No not the fact that NASCAR will win.
I talking about that adding content is like changing the ride lawn mover and NASCAR and a F1 car from 2019 models to 2020 models, or changing the circuit they race on.

Still not gonna make it compete with other forms of racing in terms of success.

And matchmaking is just a bunch of logical rules to level the playing field, just some instructions on how to run things a little bit of code.

The important thing is that the rules are good rules which level the playing field just like sports, as sports and games with level the playing fields are more successful, A Simple Fact

Its the foundation of the success of many sports and imo games too.
MWO can learn from this.

Plus a lil code of well thought out rules to level the playing field I think is much cheaper than a silly ole map,

Don't get me wrong, maps/mechs are nice unless open competitiveness is making the game unpopular due to reasons.

300 The worlds not Flat IQ on the case

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

My two cents

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#149 Dogstar


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Posted 22 October 2020 - 12:41 AM

I made a comment a few days ago that what's really needed is two way communication between the community and PGI. What we have currently is PGI announcements followed by silence followed by further proclamations, just the way it's been for years and years AND IT DOESN'T WORK!

If the community can't ask questions and receive honest answers then there's absolutely no way forward. I realise that that's going to be pretty uncomfortable because no-one wants to hear that their pet favourite idea is dead in the water (on either side!) but without communication the game died back in 2018 when PGI stuck it into maintenance mode and spent all the money we paid them for mech packs into building MW5.

I've said this already but it's now up to Deakon, Russ, et al to step up and be communicative. So far they haven't, the ball is in their court and silence speaks volumes.

#150 MW Waldorf Statler


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Posted 22 October 2020 - 02:24 AM

Passengers : we sinking ....The Captain :no ,im lay down the Ship a little bit for a great new big beachparty

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