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Funny Tech-Educational Video - Why You Should Never Buy A No-Name Power Supply!

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#1 Thorqemada


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Posted 29 October 2020 - 08:25 AM

"Today I take a 500 watt Coolmax power supply and expose just how bad it is to use a cheap no-name power supply!"

PS: When the Guy puts his nose over the PSU to take in the smell - NEVER DO IT THAT WAY as IT IS DANGEROUS!
(You will put your nose close to the psu but shielded from the openings and fan the air containing the smell toward your nose.)

Have Fun!

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#2 D V Devnull


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Posted 29 October 2020 - 01:36 PM

Actually, this covers ALL PSUs (Power Supply Units) on the market, and without regard to who made it. One should explicitly NEVER put a PSU in their computer that doesn't provide enough Watts to actually support the running hardware when pushed to the maximum possible. Otherwise, crashes like what are depicted in the first 8 Minutes (I literally only needed to watch that much in order to get the point and be reminded of past knowledge which I already possess. Hopefully, it will sink into uneducated people just as equally quick.) most certainly WILL always happen, and eventually that leads to damage of the data on the system. If that's not bad enough, do that enough times and you'll most certainly hate yourself for filling the air with a bad smell which is hard to breathe in the midst of. But that's not all, as there is also the fire hazard that is mounting up to eventually turn into an active flame which you'll need to extinguish in short order, at which point your system may end up physically damaged beyond repair. :(

~Mr. D. V. "Yes, folks... ALWAYS get a Power Supply Unit that's strong enough to handle your computer's full abilities!" Devnull

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