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Mechwarrior Academy's Onslaught Mode Unable To Go Beyond 3 Waves

Bug Report - Academy Onslaught Challenge Modes

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#1 D V Devnull


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Posted 27 November 2020 - 09:02 AM

Title: MechWarrior Academy's "Onslaught" Mode unable to go beyond 3 Waves

Description: When attempting to use the Academy's "Onslaught" Mode, no selection is able to properly function beyond 3 Waves of gameplay, sometimes even failing to complete Wave 3 and getting stuck in an infinite idle until the user manually chooses to "Cancel Event" on their own.

Location: Home > Academy > Explore Academy

Reproduction Rate: 100% for the "Onslaught" Modes with More Than 3 Waves
.................................. Intermittent for the "Onslaught" Modes with Exactly 3 Waves
.................................. (I'm really & seriously not joking here....... Sorry.) :(

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Once logged into the Game Client interface, go to "Home"
  • Then go to "Academy" on the left side
  • Now go to "Explore Academy" in the dialog
  • Click "OK" on the dialog
  • Once loaded into the MechWarrior Academy area, click "Continue" to take control of your Mech and move about
  • Walk to and activate using your Spacebar (or directly launch using the built-in shortcut) the item marked "H" on the map, known as the "Onslaught" Challenge
  • Select any of the "Onslaught" Challenge's Modes and play through several times
  • Observe on the Modes with More Than 3 Waves that it will just give in upon completion of Wave 3 and end things itself
  • Observe that intermittent failure to allow completion will occur on the Modes with Exactly 3 Waves, sometimes even affecting the Modes with More Than 3 Waves allocated, and ending up in an idle where you'll have to choose "Cancel Event" to break out of it

Initial Comments: Dave Forsey, let it be known that people miss you and hope you'll come back to fix this Bug in your Academy area's design. This dirty little Bug with the "Onslaught" Challenge's Modes has been going on for a number of Game Patch Updates now, beyond any point that I can remember back to. (Sorry that I didn't say anything sooner. Being away from the game for a whole year at one point didn't help my memory, and resulted in forgetting to post.) Also, I've repeatedly verified my Game Client Install with the MWO Repair Tool several times, once for every Game Patch Update, and everything checks out as being confirmed good on my end. :huh:

~Mr. D. V. "horribly confused about the 'Onslaught' Challenge Modes not behaving properly" Devnull

#2 martian


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Posted 29 November 2020 - 01:13 AM

View PostD V Devnull, on 27 November 2020 - 09:02 AM, said:

Dave Forsey, let it be known that people miss you and hope you'll come back to fix this Bug in your Academy area's design.

PGI is busy with work on the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries release, so MechWarrior Online is not their priority. Fixing this bug may take a while.

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