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Thoughts On The Movie Spaced Invaders

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Posted 14 January 2021 - 08:30 AM

Spaced Invaders

This fun comedy has the Martian fleet defeated, only problem is that enforcer drones want to hold the statues quo, and being defeated may result in getting blasted to atoms by said drone. On Halloween night, a radio station plays War of the Worlds, and the transmission is picked up by a Martian Patrol ship. They head for earth, and do a fly-by of a deputy patrol car toasting it, before they crash into a barn. Upon finding a two lane road the invaders question if it is a minefield. Stepping onto the road the first Martian becomes a hood ornament for a truck. The deputy tracks down the space ship and attempts to give them a speeding ticket only to get hit by a hay bale. The invaders also get buried in popcorn. When their ships engine threatens to explode the big headed green guys must figure out how to reclaim their ship and get back into space.

A light hearted comedy. Violence, foul language. Best for younger audiences and adults may not be entertained as much unless you are a kid at heart.

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