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Skye Rangers Of Terra Is Recruiting!

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Posted 02 June 2021 - 06:14 PM

To all brothers and sisters within the Lyran Commonwealth,

The Skye Rangers are openly recruiting anyone with the desire to protect and serve the mighty star systems of Steiner borders and homes! We are not like those of the Skye Separatists and remain ever loyal to House Steiner. Be you the common civilian or righteous noble, anyone and everyone can gain experience on the battlefield within our Mech Corps and be proud to call themselves a Ranger! Join the Skye Rangers today!

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The Skye Rangers of Terra (SRoT) have been a long standing unit since back in the early alpha/beta of MWO. Only perhaps the greenest of pilots may not know who we are, and have been seen active within the competitive community as well. Whether you are new to MWO or a veteran, everyone is welcome to join!

Looking to join us for competitive gameplay? Look no further than the 1st Skye Jaegers, lead by Greyfoxx.

Comp not your thing and just want to have fun dropping with others in Quick Play or Faction Play? We have several regiments (mainly flavor lore) for you to become a part of of your choosing, such as the 22nd, the 17th, and so on.

Not want to be a full on rank-and-file soldier? Well, then we also have attached mercenary arms of the Kell Hounds, Snord's Irregulars, and any Battletech fan worth their salt knows who the Gray Death Legion is. We have them too! Led by yours truly, of course. And I'm always looking for new recruits. /end selfish recruitment plug

Several regiments to be a part of, but we all fight together under one umbrella unit. We have our own Teamspeak server, but we also now have our own Discord (yes, we finally received the technology from the Helm Memory Core).

If interested, then go to http://skye-rangers.net/ to apply and where you can also grab the Discord link.

~LT-GEN Sevronis, Regimental Commander for the GDL of SRoT

We look forward to dropping with you on the battlefield!

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