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Looking To Get Into Fp With A Corp Or Just Casual Play.

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#1 CovidSux


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Posted 29 August 2021 - 05:02 PM

I posted in the hiring hall but not sure how active that is. I can show up for corp events and really want to improve my gameplay, get some wins, and have fun with a regular crew.

Here is my info:

Name: Gilly Bandersnatch (or just call me Gil)
Callsign: CovidSux
Timezone: EST but I play nights sometimes with AU and PST players.
House/Faction: Clan
Playstyle: Skirmisher/Fire Support but would like to learn to play lights/meds.
Roletype: Casual
Preferred Weight: Assault
Experience: Lots of QP, some faction with LFG. I have decks but can't stand the queue. Looking to improve my skill and get some wins.

I'd like to move beyond the LFG channel and get some regulars to game with. I have beginner decks (1 mid 1 long range) set up but no FP experience. When I do try FP from LFG we get housed against established corps. DM me!

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#2 Vectoron The Black Minister


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Posted 29 August 2021 - 06:37 PM

Greetings Covid!

Our unit is currently recruiting, and we can absolutely help you in the skills department and the community department to boot... but I see you're looking for a CLAN unit?

We're IS exclusively. We can offer you most everything you are asking for, but would have to go IS. Here is a little more about us! https://metalmercs.enjin.com/aboutus

If you feel like taking the leap and reaching out to us - drop us an application here https://metalmercs.e...com/recruitment

We hope you find what you're after. Good luck!

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