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Thoughts On The Movie The Tomorrow War

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#1 knight-of-ni


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Posted 31 December 2021 - 06:32 AM

The Tomorrow War is an Amazon Prime exclusive.

If you like alien, apocalyptic movies then you may enjoy The Tomorrow War.

You will immediately recognize the star, Chris Pratt.

JK Simmons (a.k.a. "Conspiracy Santa") plays a paranoid, retired war veteran and grand father. There is something about his sense of humor I really enjoy.

Upon watching, the viewer will notice this movie borrows heavily from other sci-fi films. I’m sure, like me, you will be able to name them. Fortunately, the borrowed elements are sown together in such a way that made the movie unique, as a whole.

On average, each soldier fired a massive amount of rounds. I couldn’t help but wonder how much all that ammunition would weigh and whether it was even humanly possible to carry all of it at once. What shooter movie doesn't have this problem, right?

Don't think too deeply into this movie as you watch it. Otherwise, you may notice things that don’t quite make sense.

Overall, I think the movie was decent and would watch it again. What are your thoughts?

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#2 Meep Meep


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Posted 03 January 2022 - 07:56 PM

It was a decent campy alien invasion flick. Reminds me of the glut of the same type of action films in the 80's. Disengage your brain and enjoy it for what it is.

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