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Thoughts On The Movie Godzilla 2000

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Posted 10 January 2022 - 02:51 PM

Godzilla 2000

When a large underwater rock is discovered and dislodged, it float to the surface and soon takes to the air. When it encounters Godzilla it gets blasted by his breath weapon (yeah too much Garlic in his menu if you ask me). The atomic breath weapon blasts away some of the rock shell revealing a UFO inside which flies off and lands on top of a building. From there the UFO starts hacking computers and a edge of the seat thrill ride to find out what the UFO wants before the building is blasted to bits by the military. Godzilla arrives as a space creature is created by the UFO and a city smashing fight begins.

Some foul language, suggestive comments, monster violence. So beware of these before you let junior watch the flick and watch out for smashed lego buildings in the morning. Rated PG-13.

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