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#1 Fnord Asteroid


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Posted 05 June 2022 - 08:50 AM

this tells me the game is dying and the developers are willing to try anything

we are at the rapid wash rinse repeat stage
this game is inhabited mostly by f2p grinders with the tactical acumen of a tree stump

well, fun while it lasted
and a good lesson not to sink any real amounts of money into things like this

i'm out a couple few hundred over the years... oh well, shoulda known when microsoft got involved this project was gonna go **** up and begin catering to the lowest common denominator, surprised we don't need battle passes and loot boxes to keep playing and stay competitive

fortnite is NOT a good role model people

(and before you Tier shame me, i dump tier on purpose by driving hard to pilot mechs like my spider-5v the tier system of match making is absolute garbage: a match maker that stacks matches is the worst, so why bother trying to climb the ranks when MM is just going to, eventually, GUARANTEE a losing streak that will make your eyes water)

(edited repeatedly for my typical typos)

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#2 ScrapIron Prime


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Posted 05 June 2022 - 09:57 PM

I get that you might be dismayed over the lack of vibrancy of a 10 year old first person shooter… but what good is tanking your match score by playing a low scoring mech or otherwise trying to lose on purpose going to accomplish? Throwing a match to lower your score is just being a slave to the numbers instead of trying to just play the game.

#3 Spare Knight


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Posted 09 June 2022 - 07:51 AM

Since the Event Queue started, the Quick Play match maker has been opened up completely. I see Tier 1's and Cadets in the same matches. I'm out till the match maker has working properly again.

Thanks PGI. You really know how to drive the players away.

#4 LordNothing


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Posted 11 June 2022 - 07:27 AM

is the event queue even running any more? every time i log in the button is missing.

#5 JPeiper


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Posted 12 June 2022 - 10:26 AM

Ok ,I did like the events, only because I could play a tactical game with an assault (in heavy/assault only matches) It was great and I played as much as I could ... only because there where NO LIGHTS with what seems like 50 mg's, 50 micros, jj 's that would shame a helicopter and the accelaration of a dragster.
I understand Fnord completely with tier dumping, prob do it myself soon as you can't do a thing in a heavy/assault outside the deathball without a light ripping your back out. I find myself rage quitting a lot now , just now I had to go back to base as it was being capped , 1 light on it, me in a faf with 4 AC5 ...crept up on him (! (ecm)) and put a salvo in his back. He was off, I could'nt get another shot on him and he ripped me a new one in about 30 seconds by circle strafing. This is no good for the game and I'm not spending a penny on a dying game.
Mechwarrior is a Tactical game and it's ***** by the (insert insult) who op'd the lights.
Will play light free events but won't bother otherwise.

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