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Thoughts On The Movie Battle Beneath The Earth

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Posted 13 June 2022 - 01:47 PM

Battle Beneath The Earth

#This is one of those old classic sci-fi movies with a military twist, as many did from the 1950's and 1960's. I saw this movie as a kid and it took me a long time to track it down. Movies like this are part of the reason why I'm doing movie comments here on the forums, to help others find some of the older movies that they may have seen when they were but yard stick or so tall, and can't remember the freaking name of something they had seen and want to watch it again.

A Chinese War-Lord is using laser drills to tunnel underneath the United States and is slipping Atomic Weapons underneath several cities.

The movie begins with a sceintist going nuts as he presses his ear to a sidewalk in Vegas, saying he hears them moving about like ants. The nutty proffessor is arrested and a military officer comes to his rescue. While exploring an old mine the truth is learned, and a detachment of troops goes down into the tunnels and finds several atomic weapons which they disarmed only to encounter one of the tunnel machines which they managed to defeat. From there it's a race to confront the War Lord and to defeat him.

Not the best sci-fi when compared to modern movies, still a great movie, and an old time favorite.Posted Image

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