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Patch Notes - - 18-July-2022

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Posted 24 July 2022 - 06:18 PM

View PostKnownswift, on 24 July 2022 - 07:51 AM, said:

I never said that long range trade mechs benefit more than brawlers. I countered your statement that it isn't as useful. I completely disagree.

The ultimate test though, would be to only record your results from boreal Posted Image

Since we're here tho.. The king crab still massively sucks. Can we make like half of the top of it act like a missile door for damage mitigation?

I see. I think the issue here is that we probably both agree and disagree around this issue, if you know what I mean? I don’t know: Posted Image

We both DISAGREE that: Snipers benefit more from armor than Brawlers. (>)

You AGREE, but I DISAGREE that: Snipers benefit equally from armor compared to Brawlers. (=)

We both AGREE that: Snipers could benefit equally or less from armor compared to Brawlers. (<=)

You DISAGREE, but I AGREE that: Snipers benefit less from armor than Brawlers. (<)

We both DISAGREE that: Snipers do NOT benefit from armor significantly. (→0)

I suppose our viewpoints are defined over really fine lines like this; it could be a mathematical inequality exercise.Posted Image

Yeah some FP maps really need a rework. Posted Image

Not sure its possible for KGC to get an armor buff like that. Can PGI add damage reduction through certain hitboxes like that? I don't think they can.

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Posted 03 August 2022 - 10:39 AM

Still been testing out some things...

1. There should be a weapon between hvy mg and ac2 due to large tonnage difference.

2. I don't find any class from light to assault to be specifically overpowered, it is rather dependent on the chassis (pirahna being a noted one, 6 SRM 6 linebackers aren't bad either). Sometimes, it is down to a variant that is stronger than all the rest.

3. Pirahna was used as the landmark decision to add heat penalty of 4 flamers from what I've heard, but by that logic, might as well punish mg or micro lasers too, except the exact opposite happened to the micro lasers and they can go up to 12 before 13 adds a penalty. Plus, I know likely what was the case, the pirahna that caused the 'stomp' was likely against those who play with high alpha laser builds which flamers are the most effective against, a situation common in faction, but more rare in quick play.

The issue: The nerf was based off a situation that is relatively rare, as many mechs carry other less heat producing weapons like mg or gauss, thus flamers are mostly useless except against a favorable matchup, i.e. a foe with 9 er mediums.

Flamers really need some kind of 'glow-up' as the only mechs that work with them are on firestarters, stormcrow-prime with 13 energy hardpoints, occasionally novas but I find them too slow for movement, Linebackers can handle heat management but bulky and easy to hit.

Flamer works on about as many mechs as ECM (likely less) ...this is bad considering it can be mounted on almost all mechs. The biggest frustration is if you really want to use flamers, forget using them on heavys or assaults because you won't get close enough unless you are at solaris city or canyon network.

4. Kodiak feels like it dies a little too easily...anyone else feel that way?

5. Vulcan has a flamer range quirk, but I found it pretty useless, am using 2 large pulse lasers now.

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