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Usually Getting Stuck

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Posted 27 September 2022 - 05:39 AM

Hi, so I've been playing on that map for the event, and I got stuck with all mech types.

The ramp up towards the center piece for domination is rather annoying. There are multiple ovals(?) of rocks preventing or slowing you down for getting up the top circle.

The pillars on top of this circle are also nasty for a flea or a jumpy mech, like the vapor eagle. If you touch these with MASC or jump jets, you'd get stuck weirdly in the air. And SLAM the ground with large amount of leg damage.

Another issue is the bottom of ring, with the lava pools. I've had multiple occasions we my Atlas would get stuck in one of the pools. And I couldn't get out. Jumps jets worked but try that with max heat and getting shot.

These are some serious issues with this map. I've seen and heard multiple people (teammates, enemies) also getting stuck and asking to be killed, or ejecting.

Kind regards, Pokey

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