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I Need To Find A Song

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#1 Catra Lanis


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Posted 31 October 2022 - 03:41 AM

Since some people here seems to be almost as old as me perhaps this is the place to ask.

It was in gymnasium (high school for americans). It must hav been early 1990 or late 1989. There was this song on MTV. The video was either black and white or color with black and white scenes mixed in. There as a girl standing in the street with squad cars. I got an impression that she had ran away from home. Only line I heard was along the lines "...she's a survivor...".

It's a bit similar to Janie's Got a Gun and Bon Jovis Runaway but not quite. I have never seen or heard the video since. It's annoying that I can't find it.

#2 D V Devnull


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Posted 02 November 2022 - 06:25 PM

Have you tried searching internet sites that have libraries of song lyrics? You might find your answer there, even if you have to use a search engine's feature for digging through a single website at a time. Sometimes running a general search without digging through a single website at a time gets overly generalized results because the search engine fails to understand what you're up to. If those have ceased to be a thing, then I am badly unaware of it. :o

~D. V. "trying to give you a pointer in the right direction via song lyrics search by site-specific manner" Devnull

#3 Rondoe


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Posted 03 November 2022 - 09:32 AM

I have a lot of luck searching youtube for songs just by entering lyrics to songs I hear on the radio, even if the video is just the lyrics and not a full on "music video"

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