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Krisfix And The Issue With The Faulty Batch Of Used Rx6Xxx Gpus

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Posted 21 January 2023 - 12:12 AM

You may have heard the somewhat blown up story of the Hardwareshop that got a bunch of RX6xxx GPUs that were defect and the guy repairing them found the similarity of failures strange
and asked if there were more known in the YT cmmunity.

Some made a driver issue out of it but that was allways of very little possibility.

Turns out that the broken cards were mostly used and obviously of 1 batch that was sold from a certain source that must have mishandled the cards at some point b4 or in the transaction.
(The pressure washing is speculation)

HERE is what we found, 150 hours of testing - AMD 6000 Series #krisfixgermany #gpurepair - YouTube

PS: and a remark of mine which may sound old but it may still help bcs i see the pople do it all the freaking time - they rotate their fans manually.

Do not rotate your fans on a high speed ever bcs it could short some circuit on the GPU bcs the fan may act as generator of rotated manually and that means an electric current will occur and if not prevented by the construction may damage your GPU/Board.

Espcecially with a "vacuum cleaner", "dust off air" or maybe a "pressure washer" you can make them spin so fast - even if it is prevented by construction - the rpm may exceed the limits that the card/board can handle and voila you have a short in your circuit and blown up something...

Allways prevent your fans from spinning while cleaning!

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