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Good Work On The New Terra Therma Classic/crucible/mk5

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Posted 27 March 2023 - 09:06 PM

With all the hate on FWC, I just wanted to point out that I do like the new iteration of Terra Therma.

It finally recaptures the main points of the original map:
- Slow upwards march to the caldera platform, which is the main battlezone
- 'Last Resort' escape option from the platform into the lava below, which puts your mech on a timer.
- Dark outer sections with broken sidelines where a light can terrorize a straggler, or a lance can perform a flanking move.

And the new design of the caldera platform solves a lot of the problems of the old one.

As we play it more, I'm sure I'll find something to complain about, but I had fun in the Event Queue on the map, and I had battles in lots of different spots of the map, which is usually a good sign.

Can we also get a Caustic Classic now? No need to change anything. Just re-release it like with the Frozen and Forest City Classic maps. My nostalgia needs that.

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