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More Command Wheel Chat Options

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Posted 30 November 2023 - 09:08 AM

Hello, I have been playing for a while and I really like the "Command Wheel". As someone who has problems communicating, being able to point at what I am shooting at, calling for help or simple yes and no reply when I dont understand something is very helpful. And sorry when I inevitably mess up Posted Image.
I was thinking about something else that could be added and came up with these ideas:

"Go Back"
Sometimes I would like to say that I am leaving the spot where I am currently standing, sometimes I see the enemy team coming in, or I dont see anyone so I want to find some better place. Sometimes other people sort of gather around me and I would like to tell them that I am leaving, because I walk away and they get attacked and it feels like I just left them there.
Now there would be a button *boop* "I am leaving" and everyone knows something is awry.

"Place a marker"
In some games I have played with friends, you could place a little dot on the ground for a few moments and other players would see it. This would be great, sometimes I notice something and I cant quickly say that I saw something and I have to write it into the chat and look at the map so I guess the correct map letters, and it doesnt always work. Sometimes I just want to point at something, that maybe I am going somewhere.
I also use this thing called "Seismic Sensor 2" (whoever told me about this, you are just THE BEST Posted Image) and it sometimes shows little red dots on my map and I would like to tell others that there is someone nearby, but I cant, describing a moving dot in a chat feels like something from a horror movie, so I just sort of shoot everything I have in that direction and hope someone picks up my smoke signals and comes to investigate.
Being able to *boop* and others know I have some issue and look in my direction would be great.

"Buttons for commands"
I have been looking through the settings, maybe its somewhere in some place I cant find it, so if I just missed it, ignore this rambling.
It would be cool if we could put specific voice lines on specific buttons. Sometimes it gets really hard for me to select something, when I am shooting, running, exploding and panicking in general.
I am moving my mouse cursor all over the place and it makes it very difficult to select just one little rectangle, if I could put at least some of them on some other button that I dont use, it would be extremely helpful in chaotic situations when I need to quickly call for help.

Aside from that I am having a lot of fun!

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