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Helldivers 2 - While Waiting In The Q :d

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#1 Thorqemada


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Posted 20 February 2024 - 06:18 PM

Well, while waiting in the Q for getting into Helldivers 2 (Steam) i thought i could write a few words down about it.
I did not follow the development at all nor does the first game of it habe any appeal to me.
So i was a complete uninformed person about the game, i never have seen any PR about it.

That said some streamers streamed it, some YT content makers did make content and at some point i had such a Vid running while eating lunch and some thins catched my awareness.

For one i am not a shooter-fan but i like SF.
For two i have seen 2 of the Starship Trooper Movies on TV (i guess there are more) and while they are good action movies with much pathis that is a costume for a deep sociopolitical critique as well as a persiflage of the genre that is fun to watch!

I got aware that the game is a universal coop game that makes you face enemies that resemble those from Starship Trooper and Terminator and the whole thing looks really good!

If you have ever seen the guy launching inmission the ICBM that arcs into the sky diving behind your horizon and some seconds after a huge flash lights up and a dome of lights radiates its brillance of might and destruction until it disperses and is replaced by the iconic mushroom cloud while you see the supersonic blast wave pace at you - there are not other word - its gorgeous, its impressive, its magic, its super earth!

Or the launch of a mission when you enter the atmosphere in your droppods seeing them burn away their heatshielding while your are accompanied by exactly as many other pods as your groupsize is, yet not only that but you see other groups descent on other combat missions, Spacship-Behemots rain down weaponfire of destruction onto the world.
The whole atmosphere is inspiring!

As a universal coop game no effort is wasted, every little effort contributes, it takes out the whole toxicitiy that usually enshrouds a pvp game as no effort is meaningleass and low playing time does not hold back the "pros" from achieving thier goals, everybody can move at the pace that is convenient for them!

The gamplay is depending on the type of enemie somewhat divers and the implementation of Stratagems is supreme in its visuals and gameplay impact!

You have an insame amount of difficulty levels later in the game allowing you to seek the challenge you want - Helldiver is the hardest!

The gunplay i have no quals with - as a PC Player i use M+KB bcs it is vastly superior but you can seemless switch between Controller and M+KB on the PC on the fly - the game recognizes that!
(A thing the great folk of CDPR fail oh so often to achieve!)

I totally adore the concept of the game and if it would not for the overcrowed Qs i would recommend you playing it if you have the slightest interest in universal Coop, SF and Shooters bcs you can play it as sideproject as well as making it your maingame!

So far it has a Cash-Shop, currently i dont see it P2W.

I can only say its worth the look!

PS: And it shows how much potential a fleshed out Coop mode has and what could also be possible in a game like Mechwarrior!

#2 Thorqemada


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Posted 21 February 2024 - 09:41 AM

YT Review Video by Fallout Plays:
"This is my official review of Helldivers 2, the new game blowing everyone away, including their own servers."
Helldivers 2 Blew Me Away Harder Than Ur Mom (REVIEW) (youtube.com)

Skill Up YT-Review:
Austin strongly recommends: Helldivers 2 (Review) (youtube.com)

ICBM Launch:
HELLDIVERS 2 ICBM (youtube.com)

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#3 Thorqemada


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Posted 23 February 2024 - 12:34 PM

Btw, this is not a respawn game - every death is canon (so i was told)!

You send reinforcement - you have a limited number of them and then if used up they are on a timer countdown for new ones becoming available - and these are new soldiers geared accordingly to your spaceships development and the gear you aquired for your soldiers.

Is Helldivers 2 a Dream Game? (youtube.com)

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#4 Thorqemada


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Posted 24 February 2024 - 03:15 AM

Hellivers 2 Depuy Game Director interview by euroamer:
Helldivers 2: Was HINTER den Kulissen mit euch passiert | Interview Sagar Beroshi (deutsch, english) - YouTube

Some things i guess would not translate well for a Mechwarrior game, like i prefer 2rd person Shooters and RPGs bvc i connect with the Avatar i see, but i prefer 1st person Vehicle Combat/Sims bcs there the vehicle is not my avatar but my vehicle and my computer, the screen, my chair and table become the "controls in my cockpit" that i myself sit in.

Also the chaotic combar is usually not suited for a Mechgame that is more Lance vs Lance and at most multiple Lances and a limit selection of support.

Thee is one Battle hat comes to mind where you probably could change enough to make it almmost as action driven and chaotic and that would be the "Battle of Tukayyid" !

Thre were no ressource limits and with enough creative freedom you could recreate a Helldivers 2 exoperience but on a Planetlevel that could even cointain PvP that merges also both IS and Clan into a conflict having all sides involved.

Would it be successful?

Who knows...execution is as important as timing in meeting the Zeitgeist!

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