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Most Newer Weapons Have No Fire Sound

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#1 Honeybadgers


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Posted 30 March 2024 - 02:16 PM

I'm curious as to why and how this is happening - I reinstalled windows on a fresh new SSD. New install of MWO - absolutely nothing carried over from my windows install. But, the game still has the weapon sounds from the haven kendrick sound mod I installed years ago. Old modded sounds are there, new weapon sounds do not function at all. I didn't reinstall or even download the old kendrick mod.

What the hell gives. Anyone have any ideas? I am looking through the game folders and don't see anything that looks like a mod that I can uninstall.

*edit* I figured it out. For some reason, Steam had just decided the old haven kendrick sound pack was now in the files for the game for me, and installed it again with my fresh install. I went into the game's files in steam, in the "game" folder, and hear the bottom were a couple .pak files named something like "soundwheel" and "bz-1.96" - they were overriding the game sounds. deleted them and the issue went away.

Weird that steam sees mod files and just incorporates them into a fresh install on a fresh SSD on a fresh copy of windows.

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#2 Raffen Volt


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Posted 04 April 2024 - 10:00 PM

I have the same problem with new weapons like the light autocannons having no sound. I think that Have Kendrick's mod doesn't recognize the new weapon as an autocannon so no sound plays. I had to disable the Haven Kendrick mod when I use the new weapons so I can actually hear them firing. Until the mod's creator updates it, I think it's just going to stay broken for those weapons.

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