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Regarding Tweaks To Beam Lasers

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Posted 31 March 2024 - 04:03 PM

I heard Beam Lasers are being touched up next patch, specifically to remove the exploit for bypassing ghost heat. If you are indeed going to do this, PLEASE decouple the heat ramp up bar and make each laser have its own ramp up. Otherwise there will be absolutely no reason to equip more than 2 of these in a mech. If these share ramp up bars and also generate ghost heat whenever you fire more than 2, due to these being constant fire there is no way to stagger the shots like with any other lasers, so there is never a reason or incentive to have more than 2. And I hope this goes without saying, firing only 2 of these is ABSOLUTELY not worth the risk of exposure time required.
I honestly would prefer that you leave them as they are and just tweak the ramp down time, they take quite a bit of attention and heat management but if you are careful you can actually do good damage with multiple equipped. I fear that due to oversight or even worse, a bad design choice you will make them even worse than they are now and the main problem with that is that we are stuck a whole month with an useless weapon until maybe the subsequent patch fixes them.

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