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Lrm Bug- Spread Amount

LRM v1.4.295.0 bug

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Posted 24 May 2024 - 12:42 PM

Version Number: v1.4.295.0

Can be recreated in testing grounds. Tested with whm-iic-10 : 3xlrm10

When standing on open ground, missiles track normally to target. When standing on rock or cliff, missiles do not group, and each lrm pod seems to track its own target. On top of that, the spread is crazy wide (almost the entire screen width), and no pod tracks a single point. Happens when moving or standing still, as long as the mech is standing on debris, rock, cliff, or other textures that are not flat. The mech is not falling to the eye or showing vertical speed change, and even it was does not explain spread. Sorry I do not have video.

I have never seen this before. Good luck!

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