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Field Of Glory: Kingdoms - Is It A Hidden Gem, Is It For You?

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Posted 06 June 2024 - 03:18 AM

Hi Folks,
recently i had some hunger for grand strategy but i am eternaly bored of EU4 and i dont like more modern eras as i am not in megalomania.
I stumbled over Field of Glory: Empires which is a grand strategy game about roman times that can have its battles simulated at detail in Field of Glory 2.

Then i learned that Field of Glory: Kingdoms was about to be released and that spiked my interest even more as i obviously like the era between then end of the Roman Empire and lets say the end of the Renaissance.

This game was recently released and i have not much hours into it so i have not yet developed conclusive opinion if the game is good or bad or for what type of player that type of game is a fit.
But as it is currently on an attractive sale at GOG.com i did not want to let that slip unnoticed.
Its the Field of Glory 2 Masters Edition that contains the grand strategy game and the battle simlulator for Field of Glory: Kingdoms at an attractive discount:
-25% Field of Glory II Masters Edition auf GOG.COM

This Video is from someone who has obviously beta experience as well as experience with the series and i hope it helps to answer the question i asked in the headline:
Is Field of Glory: KINGDOMS the right game for YOU? (youtube.com)

Field of Glory: Empires:
Field of Glory: Empires auf GOG.COM
Field of Glory: Empires - Persia 550-330 BCE auf GOG.COM
FoGE Battle Simulator:
Field of Glory II auf GOG.COM

Field of Glory: Kingdoms:
Field of Glory: Kingdoms auf GOG.COM
FoGK Battle Simulator:
Field of Glory II: Medieval auf GOG.COM
-25% Field of Glory II Masters Edition auf GOG.COM

TFTM and i hope you enjoy!

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