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Developer Q&A 3 - Information Warfare

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 02:11 AM

This is what I love about this game! There are more than one way to win a battle! The different ways to detect and avoid detection is something that normal games lack or is not even aware of! The thing that you can get target data from allied resources to lock on your missiles is simply mindblowingly awesome!
And that there isn't one single module that can extract all the data from your target kicks up the awesomeness even further!
The market is clearly lacking some simulators and I truly hope this game will be the one that breaks the ice and will allow more of the kind.
I can't express my happiness clearly in words over this game! Had trouble typing this post since I was trembling with excitement! Spell checker saved me ;)

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Posted 18 May 2012 - 09:04 PM

Intel and Recon pilots, will need electronic counter measures to compliment speed and maneuverability or risk a quick death. Chaff, Flares, and the ability to up armor a lighter mech will be important. Secure uplinks with lance mates and satellite capabilities need to be usable in a passive mode otherwise things would get ugly real fast. If you're passive radar modes limit these things then there is no reason to be passive in the first place because how would your intel reach those who need it? However the alternative is to actively scan and that will light you up, so where is the benefit? Jamming gear would further reduce your capabilities of sending or receiving as well, so if you are penalized for being in passive scan modes for recon purposes and were being jammed as well then you'd really be screwed. The trick here is not limiting those playing the recon mode in transmitting information but rather by module slots, mech tonnage, heat, distance, skill and available layered information. I don't think Mediums-Assault should be capable of recon, this takes away from the role and then requires the balancing action that ends up hurting recon roles in the first place. Besides who ever heard of a Atlas thundering around tippy toe style gathering intel, it's comical. A lighter mech should have more space for modules, and access to advanced modules capable of burst transmission, and different kinds of radar such as a Doppler array or high resolution directional array, which can focus radar to a conical area providing a tighter beam for a greater analysis.

If all my sensors are able to gather is enemy position due to lacking proper skill or modules, that's fine as long as I am not a instant target because I had to power up just to transmit that information to my lance. Because if I am going to make myself a target it should be because I was detected by the enemy, not because I let the enemy know.

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