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Aesthetic Appeal

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#1 Renic


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Posted 18 October 2012 - 04:15 PM

I have some ideas to improve aesthetic appearances in game.

1. If a player is member of a house/clan/legion ect, I think it would be awesome for players to be able to place their group's insignia anywhere they want on the mech like say on a catapult missile variant, on the side of the missile launchers, or on the sides of cockpits, shoulders, arms legs ect, anywhere the player chose. This way groups can chose to standardize locations for insignia on their member's mechs if they chose, or players can place their own anywhere they want and so on.

2. Another idea i had is possibly the ability to have a user's name printed on the side of the mech's just under the canopy (preferably on the side, but not always possible). This will give members a sense of pride and ownership of their mechs.

3. A kill score printed on the side of the mech's similar to fighter planes in WWII, how they would have a bone or a skull or a flag on the side, showing how many planes the pilot shot down.

4. When possible, the weapons and load out of a mech actually changing the mech's appearance to reflect the mech's load out so instead of a hunchie with a missile launcher on it's shoulders but instead of launching missiles lasers coming out of the holes, it would show laser emitters instead.

5. What if a player decides he/she doesn't like the set color schemes provided (once they are provided)? A player should be allowed to individually color each hard point with colors of their choosing perhaps take a leaf out of Star Trek Online, you can color individual parts of your ship, each part can even have a different color pattern, each color pattern comes equipped for 2 colors (can be the same color) perhaps MWO can adopt something similar for instance, add racing stripes to my left arm, and hot rod flames to my right, in yellow and blue? (just examples)

I feel that if some of these options are implemented into the game, it will allow players to take much more pride in their mech, and their clan.

#2 Paladin Brewer


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Posted 18 October 2012 - 08:32 PM

They've already set they will have custom player made skins allowed eventually, which covers the majority of your post.

#3 nostra


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Posted 19 October 2012 - 11:51 PM

Well aesthetic and graphical details are in the works. The 'mech store already has cockpit accessories and camo styles listed (though as of yet, nonfunctioning). And the mods have already mentioned the possibility of insignias and graphics. It just waits to be seen, really. Although honestly, as the game looks right now, I'm afraid the glowy-armor effect from damage will pretty much negate any camo colors. I hope they fix that. Did you know the commando is green? XD I can't even tell that any 'mech is a color other than black and glowy red when I'm in-game.

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