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RAM's Guide to the Hunchback Chassis

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#1 RAM


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 09:26 AM

The Hunchback is a respected and feared Reunification War-era street fighter that has been in production since its introduction in 2572. Built for urban combat and close range brawling, this BattleMech has the heavy armor and weaponry to stand up against any foe in the dense cover of a city environment. Its heavy armament does come at a cost: a relatively slow speed of 64.8 km/h and lack of jump jets. In the open, the Hunchback's lack of long-range weapons makes it little more than a slow moving target.

HBK-4G: 3,694,490 CB / 1,480 MC
The primary weapon on the Hunchback is a Tomodzuru Autocannon Mount Type 20 which can strip one and a quarter tons of armor off an enemy 'Mech in a single blow. This is paired with two Ichiba 2000 Medium Lasers and a Diverse Optics Type 10 Small Laser. All of the weapons carried by the Hunchback make it a devastating opponent at close range.
2xML, 1xSL, 1xAC20 w/ 320 Armour
LA – 1xEnergy
RT – 3xBallistic
RA – 1xEnergy
HD – 1xEnergy

HBK-4H: 3,646,484 CB / 1,460 MC
One of many variants, the 4H Hunchback is a modification of the design that uses a lighter Autocannon/10 and adds an additional two Medium Lasers. This modification increases the Hunchback's long range striking capability at the expense of raw firepower.
4xML, 1xSL, 1xAC10 w/ 320 Armour
LA – 1xEnergy
RT – 1xBallistic, 2xEnergy
RA – 1xEnergy
HD – 1xEnergy

HBK-4J: 3,778,604 CB / 1,515 MC
This variant changes the 'Mech's focus from short range combat to fire support by removing the Autocannon/20 and replacing it with two LRM-10 launchers and three additional Medium Lasers. This variant can act as a bodyguard 'Mech for fire support lances without degrading the mission of those lances because of its mix of LRMs and Medium Lasers.
4xML, 1xSL, 2xLRM10 w/ 320 Armour
LA – 1xEnergy
RT – 3xEnergy, 2xMissile
RA – 1xEnergy
HD – 1xEnergy

HBK-4P: 3,594,484 CB / 1,440 MC
Also called the Swayback due to its less-exaggerated torso, the 4P Hunchback is modified to carry only energy weapons. The Autocannon/20 was replaced with six additional Medium Lasers. In order to handle the incredibly high heat load, the 'Mech has twenty three heat sinks. While this may seem like a downgrade of the design, the combined firepower of all eight Medium Lasers can do twice as much damage as the Autocannon they replaced.
8xML, 1xSL w/ 320 Armour
LA – 1xEnergy
RT – 6xEnergy
RA – 1xEnergy
HD – 1xEnergy

HBK-4SP: 3,632,484 / 1,455 MC
The 4SP variant replaces the Autocannon with two SRM-6 launchers. These missile launchers provide the 'Mech with a great deal of damage capability at close range, but they do not have the same raw power as the original Autocannon/20. The 'Mech also has four Medium Lasers as secondary weapons.
4xML, 1xSL, 2xSRM6 w/ 320 Armour
LA – 2xEnergy
LT – 1xMissile
RT – 1xMissile
RA – 2xEnergy
HD – 1xEnergy


#2 TBB Grizz


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 04:41 PM

I will always enjoy climbing into the cockpit of my Founders Atlas. But for versatility, cost effectiveness and fun in the lab Hunchies are hard to beat. Having the chance to play with various mechs through CB and resets helped greatly in deciding which mech series I would work through the XP trees. If it wasn't for the requirement of unlocking three differant variants I may have stayed with my "Deep Dish" (AKA: Atlas).

With the 4H, 4J and 4P in my mechbay I can cover the three basic weapon types. Ballistic, missles and energy weapons. There are two other variants, and they may work better for you or be more to your liking. I dropped endo-steel internals on all three of mine. Then I "dressed up" the base model further. Always add that AMS and ammo for it. It may not only save you, but your lancemates as well. If playing with an ammo reliant variant installing CASE is mandatory IMO. Another standard change is topping off and redistributing the armor. I run full standard, minus one point on each leg, on the first two. I had to drop a half ton off the legs from 48 to 39 on the 4P. Needed that weight to shoe in a LL for each arm.

All those changes, including the various weapon and ammunition loadouts, still run the stock engine. When your C-Bill balance allows there is great potential for Hunchies to do it all. Want to zip around with the small laser shotgun? Into that "Peeper" gig blowing holes in mechs with a Gauss Rifle? Or my favorite, the lawn chair - beer swilling LRM lob festival. Can't help it. It's the Fatlas in me.

Really enjoying the many types of play that the Hunchback offers. It's moderate costs also allows for ease of filling out the mech trees a little quicker as well. If you are looking to have versatility and a decent balance of cost the Hunchback is a solid choice.

#3 Palegrave


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 08:41 AM

TAG laser in the head slot :D

Not sure if it's doing anything, but it makes me feel useful..

More useful than an itty bitty small laser anyway..

#4 Dormax


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 11:54 AM

Hunchback isn't my all-time favorite, but it sure ain't bad!
I have 2 very simple design variants from the standard HBK-4G. These make it fun and fairly cheap to run.
  • Remove the AC20 and replace with an AC10 and more ammo (pretty cheap to do) OR
  • Switch to Endo Steel internal structure and tweak the armor / heat sinks to squeeze more AC20 ammo in there. (A bit more expensive to start out... but fun to have 30+ rounds of AC20 to waste LOL)

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