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Mc Charges For Applying Camo Spec


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Posted 27 November 2012 - 05:35 PM

I spent REAL money via MC to buy a dazzle Camo. I then experimented with other patterns and colors. When I went to repaint my mech dazzle it was going to RECHARGE me MC. This is theft. I should have to pay to "unlock" a pattern on a mech, heck, even pay to unlock it on each variant and chassis, but once purchased that pattern AND any other color you pay MC to unlock should be PERMANENTLY unlocked for that mech. PGI, I have been patient in my suffering, reporting bugs, encouraging slow change, but this is exploitation. Charge me REAL money to unlock something fine, RECHARGE me to go back, I don't think so.

IF this is a bug, consider it reported. If it is intentional, it is theft. PGI, please think responsibly and make patterns and colors unlocked with MC to be permanently unlocked for that variant.

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