The third in a series of video developer Q&As in-house at MechWarrior Online headquarters. Read more and discuss this video on our forums at: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/153442-ask-the-devs-vlog-3/ MechWarrior Online is free to play! Create an account, download the game and become a MechWarrior for free: https://mwomercs.com/signup?SID=C000&TID=T04&CID=CM001&AID=askthedevsvlog3 0:35 - Technical Director Matt Craig: What changes will Direct X 11 have on MechWarrior Online now and in the future, will that include SLI Support? 1:46 - Concept Artist Alex Iglesias: What were some of the design challenges with the newest Assault class BattleMech, the Banshee? 3:28 - Producer Matt Newman: What is the achievement system, how many achievements are there, and what types of rewards will we receive for completing achievements. 4:03 - Game Designer Alex Schmit: What is Launch Module and how will it affect both random battles and private matches? 7:00 - Lead Designer Paul Inouye: Insight into the recent jump-jet changes, heavy and assault chassis tuning, as well as the current state of weapon balancing.