BattleMech 5 - Catapult

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New Terran Hegemony Heavy Mech Shown Off

The CPLT-C1 - A Catapult for the 26th Century

Hollis Incorporated, Corey, 2561: 

This report is brought to you by Duralex – Ferrocrete Solid, and Ponyt Ale – Start A Friendship!

The Terran Hegemony got a new member today, but it isn’t a system, nor even a planet – the CPLT-C1 Catapult was shown to a select audience as Hollis Incorporated’s winning bid for the three year fire support ’Mech contract. Weighing in at 65 tons, this heavy ’Mech boasts a pair of Holly LRM-15’s, four Martell Medium Lasers, 10 tons of Duralex Heavy armour, Anderson Propulsion 21 Jumpjets for a maximum jump distance of 120 meters, and a Magna 260 engine allowing a speed of 64.8 km/h.

Tests began with a trio of Catapults firing upon a Lance of light ’Mech targets 500 meters away. Within a few quick salvos the light ’Mechs had been reduced to flames and twisted metal. A second test showed a single Catapult jump-jetting from hill to hill, showcasing its agility.

Skeptics, however, are unconvinced the purchase was a wise one. “Ja it’s got jump jets, but sixty-four kilometers is too slow for a ’Mech like this.” Said one visitor from Tharkad. “You always hear claims that ‘oh it’s not going to need to be faster, it’s a support ’Mech!’ Ja well when you’re in ze cockpit of one and it’s your neck on the line, suddenly zat low speed becomes a concern quite fast. However, ve have been shown these Catapults are capable of destroying a lance of Light, un-moving ’Mechs. I can certainly see why speed was not ze focus.” Ending with a chuckle he stated: “I guess it can still outrun ze hover tanks!” A nearby representative from Marik overheard this and supported the opinion: “Saying this thing can sit at the back and fire is all fine and good – until a lance of Commandos breaks through the front lines. What then? Become so much borscht that’s what. Stationary targets just shows how good they are on a parade ground, a gift for byrokrati. Give me a real ’Mech with a good mix of speed and firepower any day.”

There was support for the new ’Mech, however, from Sianese visitors who stated: “It is foolish to build all ’Mechs for all situations. If you build something that is unspecialised, it will be mediocre at all things.” A delegate from Luthien gave similar praise: “With so focussed a tool, a man could do great things. There is an elegance to its usage. I foresee a bright future for this machine.”

Time will tell who was right with their assertions, but for now it is clear that the purchase of this ’Mech by the Terran Hegemony has caused quite a stir among the dignitaries invited to view it.


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