January is Information Warfare Month

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Knowledge is power!

Welcome to 2012!  This is a big year for everyone and Piranha Games, we’ve been working hard for a long time to bring MechWarrior® Onlineâ„¢ to fruition, and we’re entering the home stretch.  January is Information Warfare month.  Sit back and enjoy the show, as we pull back the curtain on and reveal details about one of the more significant changes made to MechWarrior® game.

Developer Blog 2

As always, we start the month of with a bang.  Dev Blog 2 reveals some of the key Information Warfare features, such as targeting, the BattleGrid, and details about the Module System.

Developer Interview 3 – Paul Inouye, David Bradley, and Bryan Ekman

This month features a trifecta of interview goodness.  Paul, David, and Bryan give us some background information about bringing BattleTech® to life as a digital game, the challenges of converting table top rules, designing gameplay systems for a Free-To-Play game, and the role of Project Owner.

Developer Q&A 3

We’ll open up questions this Wednesday after Developer Blog 2 goes live.

Wednesday Surprise

Will it be another `Mech? Perhaps a video?  Maybe a screenshot.  Who knows1


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