BattleMech 6 - Centurion

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Standing Guard Since 2801

You know, here on Solaris VII we often forget our roots. Specifically, where those awesome machines of death and destruction we love started. Now I know all you guys are familiar with the CN9-A Centurion, but hey, maybe you were born recently, live under a rock, and have no idea what that is. So let’s do a little discussion on that beauty of medium ‘Mechs.

 The CN9-A Centurion isn’t about any one thing, it’s about every thing. AC/10? Check. LRM-10? Check. Two Medium Lasers? Check. There’s no area of weapons this baby is bad at – you’ve got the LRM-10 to chew ‘em up at range - and believe me, ten long range missiles can ruin your day fast, am I right guys? – then your AC/10 reaches out and slugs ‘em upside the head, then if they make it through that they get two medium lasers in the face at close range, with that AC/10 still kickin’. In short, there’s pretty much no-where you can be that this baby can’t – and won’t – hit you. And just look at it. It’s tall, but lean. It’s like an ancient, armoured warrior. Sure it’s a little slow, but wouldn’t you be slow if you had that kinda weaponry? And it’s got that awesome helmet, am I right here guys? That alone makes you want to strap in and kick some Jenner’s around. There’s a reason this thing – even though it’s a medium ‘Mech – has always been a force in Solaris matches.

 It’s got heart guys, and that’s not easy to see right away, is it? ‘It’s just a machine, how could it have heart?’ I hear you saying. But look at it. And look at its history. Yen-lo-wang, that famous of famous ‘Mechs, absolutely wrecked the circuit when Justin Xiang-Allard was at the helm. Good guy, great pilot! The Centurion though, it’s just so… it’s regal guys, it’s a knight in gleaming armour waitin’ to charge a dragon. Or a Mercenary, whatever. To sum up, the Centurion has a long and storied history not just here on Solaris VII, but all across the inner sphere. It’s ancient, it’s cool, and guys, I love it. And I think you will too.

-"Bulldog" Cherry, Solaris VII Sports Network


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