A Grand Ol' Dropship

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(26 January 3049)

2613. That’s 436 years, gents. Over four centuries Semier Data Tron has built the Fortress-class DropShip, and now her line’s put out to pasture like yesterday’s curdled milk. Makes a grown spacer misty-eyed.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why is ol’ Hardenson talking about a DropShip?” I could probably add to that…“why am I talking about such a rare ship?”

Well, let me tell you. Most mercs gotta find themselves a DropShip. Sure, there’s a few of you dumb enough to completely rely on your employer for DropShip support. But you might as well sign up as regular House troops at that point…not much making you different. Not to mention you’re left at the mercy of your employer if a drop zone gets too hot. No thank you, gents.

Nope, you gotta find yourself a DropShip, even if she might be a bucket-o-bolts you pray to every time you light off her fusion drive.

And if you’re lucky…and I mean real lucky…you might have a chance at snagging a Fortress. (Or try and sweet-talk Barrett’s Fusiliers or the Dragoons out of one of their treasures.)

“Why wouldn’t I just want an Overlord if I’m gunning for a big DropShip?” I can hear you saying. Because, in my not-so-humble opinion, the Fortress is a far more well-rounded gal. She may be several thousand tons lighter than the Overlord, but she carries a combined-arms complement and has three times the cargo space. Not to mention the trick-up-her-sleeve of the Long Tom artillery piece in her nose, which can make all the difference. Let’s not forget what the six Elvidner Fortresses did to the Second Sword O’ Light during the Fourth War!

Now I know she’s rare. Which is gonna make her expensive to acquire in the first place. Not to mention upkeep is gonna be a royal, cast-iron bitch to deal with, seeing as parts are as scarce as a charitable Elsie.

But gents, if the chance ever presents, don’t leave anything on the table…you play your best hand and get one of the best ol’ DropShips in service to ensure you bring your boys home after every mission.

Keep it locked and loaded, gents.

—Jacob Hardenson, MercNet


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